Dead or Alive

The picture of the squirrel in the last post became a subject of some debate. Secret Agent Woman and Owen are of the opinion that the squirrel in said picture is actually deceased.

I indicated that I would bring in a couple of experts on the matter in this post and so, on that decidedly flimsy pretense, the Lone Grey Squirrel has spared no expense (indeed no expense was used) to bring you a version of the legendary Monty Python sketch, “The Dead Parrot“.

(Please note that this is a very special version indeed.  For those technically minded, please be informed that this is a talking-type video which is specially designed to enable you to the experience the story without having to exhaust your eyes.  So please switch on your ears and do not attempt to adjust your eyes.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

7 thoughts on “Dead or Alive”

  1. i enjoyed my transport over here. my ears are switched on, and my eyes were not adjusted. however, i’m pretty sure i saw the parrot move and heard him talk. now what?

  2. Hey! What are you doing over here? No wonder I didn’t see any postings in a good while. Like the new blog LGS! Have you bookmarked now! Good clip from Monty. I choose to believe the squirrel is just resting.

  3. Hi Sylvia,
    How are ya? Welcome to my digs. Sorry to alarm you but if you saw that parrot move, please see a doctor immediately!

    Mr. Charleston,
    It’s Alive! Sounds like a creepy zombie parrot story.

    No, he’s resting. He’s pining for the Rockies.

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