Wettest, Coldest, Hottest

I was working on something while having the TV on in the background.  It happened to be on CNN and my alert squirrel ears picked up something that seemed odd and just a little bit funny.  The announcer was saying that the temperatures in southern USA was about 6-7 degrees Celsius colder than Canada.  Colder than Canada?

Now you have to admit that this is just not the natural order of things when Texas is colder than Canada.

This unusually cold weather and heavy snowfall also hit most of northern Europe disrupting air, rail, and road travel around year’s end for the second year in a row.  Should we expect regular yearly massive disruption of airport and rail schedules by extremely bad weather from now on?

In India, the winter has  also been  colder than they have been used to , resulting in deaths and NGO’s giving out thin sheets of bubble wrap to help the homeless fight off the cold.  Meanwhile, Northern Australia is suffering terrible flooding which may have killed many  already and in  many places, the floods come on the heels of severe drought.

The last 14 years including 2010 all fall within the 15 hottest years on record. 2010 was the third wettest year on record for Australia.  For the UK, December 2010 was the coldest in 100 years and in Northern Ireland burst frozen pipes left large sections of the population without water and resulted in senior water officials having to resign.

The climate change theory predicts for such extreme weather events.  Are there still those who doubt?

If the above data isn’t enough for the nay-sayers, perhaps the following research by observant squirrels will supply the final proof.

Can You Imagine If This Carries On For Another 20 Years?

21 thoughts on “Wettest, Coldest, Hottest”

  1. Ohmygosh! Bloomers … I haven’t seen those for years … uhm, come to think of it, I’ve never seen bloomers – a bit before my time …

    … but, could there be a business idea here? – manufacturing Bloomers and shipping them off to the frozen north … and Texas …

  2. The past few days it’s been -20C or so and with the chill factor feels like -35C – surely Texas isn’t that cold! LOL The weather has changed dramatically here the past couple years – there is much more snow and intense winds as well in winter and more droughts in summer. As for the undies…hmmm…maybe we go back to caveman days where none were worn?

  3. The problem with the term “global warming” is that folks hear “warming” and don’t understand that climate change – including colder weather – is the result. Too many folks see these changes as evidence that global warming is a flawed theory.

  4. Kathryn hit the nail square on the head.

    With the Atlantic gulf stream not being cooled in the arctic the way it previously has been because it is warmer and more of the polar cap is calving huge sections of glaciers and melt, the jet stream has moved further south drawn by the warmer air nearer the equator. Ergo when in the northern hemisphere winter months the Jet stream is going to bring colder air and mix it with warmer southern air. *Shrug* what happens when fronts collide? Our American tornado season seems to be starting up earlier and our hurricane season for the past 5 years seems to have become much milder.

    Nope I believe we have almost come to the point where we will reach peak pollution of the atmosphere and will have stripped enough forest lands from the earth that the earth itself will no longer be able to cleanse the C02 & methane from the atmosphere. soon the very earth herself will not be able to breathe so a better investment would be in O2 stations where we can fill our portable canisters and PF210 sunscreen.

  5. The photo is hillarious. Where did you find it LGS? Too many people still doubt climate change…and their votes reflect that, unfortunately.

  6. OneStonedCrow,
    Nice try at covering up but me doesth think that thou protesteth knowing about “Bloomers” too much. Hmmmm.

    When I was watching the weather report, on that day, Montreal was -3 deg C but somewhere near the gulf states was -9 deg C. They declared it a winter storm and Atlanta got blanketed with snow. Right now, with your low temperatures, I wouldn’t recommend wearing nothing ….. actually caveman wore the latest in mammoth fur coats.

  7. Kathryn,
    You are indeed spot on. In fact I am guilty of perpetuating this belief too cause I tend to use the phrase “global warming’ when “climate change’ makes the issue more understandable and clear.

    Some optimists think man always need to look over the precipice before acting. Those are the optimists! The pessimists think the cockroaches will inherit the earth. The squirrels just want to know who to sue.

  8. Laura,
    Just google climate change and underwear. It’s not a new picture. I’ve used it for a few years now as an ice-breaker when I give a talk on climate change.

    It may just be a shoelace but the marketing guys will call it “super-thong”.

  9. Great post. Global warming is a fact and I don’t understand why people don’t understand it. Oh well. I should go to bed because I’m freezing here in Texas.

  10. Heyyyyyyy Squirelly!!!
    I believe, I believe!!! After having almost 40″ of snow this past month!!!
    (However, I was on the beach in Puerto Rico at Xmas time, so I missed the “big” snow storm) 🙂
    Good to see you again!!!

  11. Here’s one for you Squirrel, and you should be just about in the epicenter of it.

    Imagine how many more earthquakes and tsunamis there are going to be as the poles shirk massive layers of ice and the earth shrugs in relief.

  12. Mr. Charleston,
    It’s not just natural disasters but its knock on effect that we will have to worry about. No doubt you will have read/seen news about the riots in Tunisia which resulted in the President fleeing the country. There are many reasons for the civil unrest but one major flashpoint has been rising food crisis and the price of wheat for example has risen due to poor wheat harvest in Russia which in turn was affected by the poor weather. Food shortages from climate change is going to cause civil unrest.

    Amazing. Glad you are finally thawing. Don’t forget the poor Carolina squirrel mob during this cold snap. 😉

  13. Exactly that: New distribution battles. Water and food, basics. North Africa will be a problem for Europe. Round the mediterranean things will have to change a lot. This includes Israel and the Arabs too, there must come a solution in the near future.

  14. Yes we are getting more and more extreme weather patterns . here it has been extremely warm for NZ. We’ve got continuesly 30C since November which is very unusual. The climate picture is hilarious. Your new backgound is nice too. It even contains a Dutch windmill with tulips underneath

  15. Mago,
    I agree and every part of the globe will have similar problems and refugees too.

    Good to hear from you. Hope you are well. Glad you like my blog background but I will probably change it again soon for the new year.

    Hi, man! I still hope to see you blogging again. Have a great year too.

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