Smooth Operator


How're YOU Doing?

Wish I was this smooth.



17 thoughts on “Smooth Operator”

  1. That is about as smooth as they come… was he trying to sell you the house in the background ? I’m not sure you should buy anything from a guy this smooth. And certainly don’t accept an invitation to play cards !

  2. Oh, but you are!

    Funny, funny pic. Most of our squirrels are either staring in the door “There are NO nuts out here!” or spread-eagled on our deck railing (after too many nuts?) Don’t see them hanging like this, or at least not yet.

  3. You have the attitude LGS, you just have to figure out how to move your house up on a pole so you can hang around like that.

  4. It takes grace, elegance, athleticism and a bit of a casual attitude to achieve that pose and then hold it.
    I bet he’d do just as well on a flagpole of the country of his choice.

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