Cold, Wet, Hot

This is a composite post on three rambling thoughts which should not be confused with (although related) to my earlier post entitled “Wettest, Coldest, Hottest”.  This post is not as superlative as the previous one.

My first rambling thought was about the cold.  Have you noticed the new look of the blog with the picture of snow crystals and the aurora borealis?  It seems a number of my blogging friends are feeling the winter blahs.  That’s quite normal.  In fact last Monday is supposed to be the official Bluest Winter Day  (as in “singing the blues” and  not “the bluebird of happiness”) or so I read on someone’s seasonally affected blog.  Hence, I decided to try to bring some cheer by reminding all you good folks that winter can also be so beautiful. Feeling cabin fever?  Go out and watch the stars at night.  Enjoy a soak in a hot tub.  Run naked through your neighborhood in the cold.  (not necessarily in that order).

Ooo! Ooo! I just thought of another great idea.  Work out all your frustrations with an exciting game of ……….curling.  Why, it’s perfect.  Played with brooms and stones………..reminds me of “sticks and stones will break my bones”.     Yes, definitely an X-treme sport.

Speaking of order; it is fine when the bitter cold stays in Canada, greets Scandinavia or covers Siberia but as I said in the previous post, it is not natural for Texas to be colder than Canada.  Climate Change!!!!  The latest is that hundreds of people in North Vietnam had to be hospitalised due to a cold snap which has also killed hundreds of buffaloes.   Okay, rambling again.  To summarize this point – winter can be pretty but should stay where it belongs.

My second rambling thought is on how wet this start of the year has been.  Australia has already suffered “floods of biblical proportion” in Queensland and now the flooding has spread to Victoria and according to the newspapers, the experts anticipate even more floods to come in what is now being called the “once-in-two-hundred-years flood”.  This is already by far the costliest disaster suffered by the Australians.  And they were not alone, in the last two weeks, there were abnormal floods in Sri Lanka, Philippines, Brazil and Sweden amongst others.  The tragedy of the mudslide in Brazil which has killed at least 600 people with many more still missing was caused by a downpour that deposited one months rainfall in one hour.  Malaysia too is having floods and our neighbor Thailand had serious flood last month.  It’s been a very wet period.  Again, water brings life as long as it stays where it belongs.

Now you might think that my third rambling thought would be also about the weather.  But you would be wrong cause I am a squirrel and I have eaten one too many bad nuts.  So, this last thought is about fire – to warm all you frigid northerners and about the supernatural – to send chills down your spine. Mwahahaha (<- evil mad scientist laugh).

There is a story coming from a house in a village in the north of West Malaysia, very close to the border with Thailand.  The owner of the house is a 73 year old woman who lives there with her family including two grandchildren.  The house is built on land belonging to the Islamic Affairs Department and she has lived there for more than 30 years.  However, starting just before the new year, the occupants have been plagued by unexplained mini fires that appear to break out spontaneously all around the house.   The fires have burned clothing, prayer mats, furniture and even set the gas cooker on fire.    Reporters from one of the national dailies went to interview the family and while they were there, they witnessed five such fires.  There have been as many as twenty such incidents in a day.

Fourteen Islamic priests came to exorcise the fire-starting spirit.  They performed prayers, chants and rituals.  The leader of the group noted that the owner had a collection of ancient daggers and he believed that the spirit or spirits were attracted to these ancient artifacts.  However, despite their efforts, the fires resumed the next day.

The home owner has even now resorted to invite a well known Chinese kung fu master to carry out an exorcism.  This will be the next stage in the story.  As you can imagine, the whole family is in a terrible state.  How can you rest or sleep when you are expecting another unexplained fire?  These things are alive and well in Malaysia.  This tale has been brought to you by Spooky Squirrel.  Any theories my skeptical friends?

Innocent or …….?

16 thoughts on “Cold, Wet, Hot”

  1. Anyone check for methane release from the earth below the house? Or methane release inside the house from a very gaseous relative?

  2. Sorry, no idea. St. Elm’s fire and what occurs in the moore normally occure only at night and do not burn things. Obviously this is real fire, no “shining”. There must be a real cause as mentioned by TWM, methane or another gas.

  3. Mago,
    From pictures I have seen, the fires are fairly small in terms of height of flames and area affected (e.g. flames of about 4 cm high and burn area of about 6 cm diameter). The flame seems to burn yellow but the items appear to char rather than burn. As a scientist, my suspicion leans towards the presence of some accelerant like lighter fluid but as a superstitious squirrel I am perpetuating the supernatural story.

    Nothing is more unnerving than an evil child as found in the charred remains of a house in the ……Twilight Zone. (cue spooky music).

  4. There are certain chemicals which combust when exposed to oxygen, such as phosphporus and magnesium.

    Is it possible one of these chemicals or one like them responsible?

  5. What’s the age of the lovely kids? Maybe some things fly through the air too?
    “It’s true, it’s in the news isn’t it?” This works all over the world, from Asia through Russia, Africa to the Americas, it’s all the same mechanism of how a story is created and believed. It must be a human basical constant factor, the willingness to believe in magick or how ever one calls it. Can become dangerous for the people involved. Now and then a “witch” or someone “possessed” gets killed.

  6. Hmmm. The skeptical part of me thinks someone in the house is responsible.

    The open-minded part of me thinks these people have a problem with an evil presence.

    I await with baited breath, Mr. Squirrel.

  7. Ah the evil kids eye must have sparked it but no she is to sweet. Maybe they had a new years party and some fireworks were left behind and are burning out mmm.

  8. Crag,
    I suppose it’s possible but I suspect the answer is probably a lot simpler if someone examined it more scientifically. This sounds a lot like the documented cases of poltergeist which turn out to be perpetuated by troubled teenagers.

    Mr. Charleston,
    No, not really pissed-off. Just that the squirrel needed new material for a post. 🙂

  9. Mago,
    I was thinking the same thing – that it is very similar to “poltergeist” activity linked with troubled teenagers.

    I do believe there are things that science cannot explain but I suspect this isn’t one of them. I think that this is probably caused by human action and my suspicion falls on the grandchildren as similar cases of poltergeist activity have turned out to be done by troubled teens.

    Sometimes sweetness can be a mask. 🙂

  10. CURLING I knew there was something I was supposed to be doing when it all glazed over to Sheer Ice that I dared not traverse!

    (by then it was too late to consider making a snowman …
    The Iceman Cometh would have been more appropriate)

    !next time!

  11. Sure someone isn’t setting them and not being truthful about it?

    Running naked through the neigborhood? Yeah an arrest and a little time in jail would sure break the monotony of winter.

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