Cat Burglar

It’s eleven at night, do you know where your cat is?

Well, for one American family in San Mateo, California, it has been revealed that their family cat, “Dusty” is actually a one-cat crime wave.  Family cat by day but cat burglar at night.  He’s been dubbed “Klepto Kitteh”.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Once again, the Lone Grey Squirrel and the Squirrel Defense League brings evidence that squirrels are your friends but cats would sell you out for catnip.


15 thoughts on “Cat Burglar”

  1. I have a 50 pound half pit, half stupid dog she could try to take. I bet the dog would think dusty tasted like squi…errr chicken.

  2. Unbelievable ! Hilarious ! Brain damaged cat ! Darn persistent though… Excellent find. But what could have triggered such behavior ??? Must have got some packrat genes in the mix…

  3. Mark,
    Dusty and I are staying away. We hear your neighbourhood is so tough, you half pit – half stupid dog is probably packing heat.

    It’s really not that unbelievable. How did you think the phrase “cat burglar” came about?

  4. Secret Agent and emerrube,
    The video failed to catch Dusty in the act of playing “dress-up”.

    Thanks for the link to the Guardian article. I was VERY interested in it. I think the article is scarily accurate.

  5. “Saudi Arabia said in 2008 it would cut domestic wheat output by 12.5% a year to save its water supplies. It is now subsidising traders to buy land in Africa.”

    The next crisis on the loom: The part of black Africa that is not bought by China, is sold to Arabia …

  6. Oh, we like our squirrels a lot, but we love our kitties! The kitties cuddle with us, the squirrels do not. Our kitties don’t like our squirrels, but then, we don’t let them out to cause problems. If we DID let them out, i’m sure our Mac would be a klepto kitty, too. 🙂

    We laughed so hard at this vid. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. Laura,
    This may explain why I am always missing a sock. Could it be a cat? Why, yes. I think I will blame a cat. 😉

    Let Mac out but give him a shopping list and you might be able to get a new wardrobe courtesy of your neighbors!

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