I Wish I could Write Like This Or……

I wish I could write like this or …………… an excuse to pinch some poems from one of my favorite poet, writer and comic, the late Spike Milligan because I am too lazy to come up with an original post.

But seriously, he is an exceptionally creative mind and here are three of my favorite poems of his;

Indian Boyhood

What happened to the boy I was?
Why did he run away?
And leave me old and thinking, like
There’d been no yesterday?
What happened then?
Was I that boy?
Who laughed and swam in the bund
Is there no going back?
No recompense?
Is there nothing?
No refund?
More Evidence that Cats are Evil!

A Silly Poem

Said Hamlet to Ophelia,
I’ll draw a sketch of thee,
What kind of pencil shall I use?
2B or not 2B?

Dr. O’Dell

Dr. O’Dell, fell down the well
And broke his collar bone
Which only goes to prove
That doctors should attend the sick
And leave the well alone

16 thoughts on “I Wish I could Write Like This Or……”

  1. Amazing poems LGS and that cute cat fits well with the poem. A silly poem is so original or actually they are all fabulous. Spike is a clever man

  2. I cracked right up when the 2B or not 2B finally sunk in (being an artist of course the pencil took over not the famous saying…duh!)…these were hilarious. Am going to look up his serious work too…

  3. Marja,
    As I reply here, I am hearing the news of a new earthquake in Christchurch. I hope that you and your loved ones are well.

    You are of course, the mistress of lolcats. Thank you for allowing me to borrow one.

  4. f4dLy,
    Greetings. I am actually in neighboring Malaysia. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Hope to see you around in blogospace.

    He also wrote children’s books too. But I have to admit I have only read a fraction of his work. But “2B or not 2B?” shows the rather amazing way his mind works.

  5. secret agent,
    You are right and I maintain that men are better at remaining immature rather than women. I’ve heard a saying, “Within each girl there is a woman; within each man there is a child.” What do you think?

    Thank you but all credit goes to Spike Milligan and lolcats.

  6. Ha! Those are cute! Silly poems are great!

    P.S. Not all cats are evil, mine are usually very friendly. But I have met some that are definitely not nice..

  7. I like poems too and I think that the ones you’re featuring here are fresh and funny.

    My friend who reads Chinese likes to interprete the classical Chinese poetry to me, which has beautiful prose and is very reflective. Recommend you to try digging for Chinese poems, if you can read the characters.

    It’s sad that not many people share the same love for
    poetry nowadays, but I’m glad that I found it here in your blog.

  8. Odat,
    I think you and I are fans of the art of “pun”.

    Thank you for your wise advice, Master Yoda.
    “As you have told me to,
    So then shall I do,
    Sometime very soon,
    When under a blue moon.”

  9. Pauline,
    True, not all cats are evil. Just as I am not always planning world domination by squirrels. I do take a break for ice cream sometimes. 🙂

    Bear Wife,
    Regretably, I am a banana and am not able to read Chinese characters. In fact a very deep regret as I know I am missing out on so much rich culture. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. Hope to see you here more often.

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