Happy March

Well, February is almost over and March is just a couple of days away.  I think many of us are glad to say goodbye to February this year.  In an effort to be more positive about things than I had been in my last post, I decided to celebrate the coming of March, a new month.  Perhaps there will be a new smell of hope in the air; maybe even the smell of Spring and the end of winter?

And to help with this celebration of March, I am recruiting the help of one of my favorite singers to sing one of my favorite songs.  How is that for double positives?!?!

I refer to the incomparable Jane Monheit singing the Antonio Carlos Jobin classic, “Waters of March“.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I think that this New York native has one of the clearest and sweetest jazz voices that I have ever heard.   You should check out this second bonus video where she sings “Over the Rainbow“.  When recording this song for an album, the music producers were mesmerised by her voice and amazed by the fact that she sang the song impeccably on the first try.  I think this is the best ever version of this song which became part of the song track for the movie “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow“.  The movie really disappoints but I am sure that you will find that her singing does not.

Happy March ……..I hope!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


20 thoughts on “Happy March”

  1. I absolutely LOVE Jane’s version of ” Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

    Really? You didn’t like “Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow?”

    I really enjoyed that movie. But maybe its a guy thing. My brother didn’t care for it much either. 🙂

    I’m all for Spring coming sooner rather than later! I love waking to the sound of birds singing outside my window in the mornings.

  2. I have to have hope in March. I have three generations with birthdays this month. A son, a grand son, and a great grand son and a great grand daughter all born in March. I hope they all will be happy and successful in what ever they do.

  3. Hey there Lone Squirrel,

    you just unearthed a talent …..to us people who
    never had an inkling on who she was !

    Jane’s voice comes across as sensual and sultry,
    not to mention romantic and comforting…someone
    whom you can come home to for a warm snuggle.

    It’s a beautiful, beautiful rendition indeed…

    There’s always something glorious beyond
    the world’s mayhem don’t you think ? I’m
    glad we found it in Jane’s singing today.

    All set…and ready for a wonderful March….

  4. emerrube,
    So far,the year has not gone in a good direction, I think. There’s been too much unrest and calamities. But perhaps we can yet wrestle the year on to a better track.

    Happy March. May you have many more warm days and bird songs to enjoy. As for the movie, the art-y approach didn’t work for me.

  5. Bear Wife,
    A very special Happy March to you as you closed a chapter in your work life last month. I am glad you liked Jane Monheit. I am surprised that she is not better known with a voice like that.

    Secret Agent,
    If I was American, I’d propose that her voice be named a national treasure! Happy March!

  6. Not my style, but certainly easier to appreciate once the buffering was done gumming it up. I prefer female singers with a voice compartive to the opera classification of “Contralto”, low, earthy, emotive and somtimes dark. I know, not so much your cup of tea.

  7. What a total pleasure, I hadn’t come across her before, now I’ll be hoping to see her on a street in Paris some day, she must come to Paris in the Spring, right ?

  8. Kathryn,
    Thanks and may it be good and happy for the rest of the year.

    Not knowing what “contralto” meant, I had to look it up. Thanks. I’ve now learned something new. I also youtubed a couple of videos and I do like that voice tone but perhaps not for jazz.

    I suppose she should (come to Paris), but I am really surprised that she is not better known. Maybe she needs to appear on Oprah.

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