Ga Ga or Gag Gag

Dear Ladies,  here is a business opportunity for you.  If any of you are perchance free ranging and organic, you might be interested to know that a certain ice cream maker in Covent Garden, London, England is keen to purchase your breast milk.  I kid you not.  The Ice Creamists are using breast milk to produce their line of Baby Gaga human breast milk ice creams.

Dear gentlemen, please replace drooling tongues into mouth.

Seriously though, do you think that the public will go Ga Ga over human breast milk ice cream or will they Gag Gag.  Let me know what you think.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In the spirit of revolution that seems to be sweeping the world of late, the Lone Grey Squirrel brings to you once again (Mad Cows and Angry Chickens), a video highlighting the plight of animals in modern battery farms and a call for a return to all that is free ranging and organic.  (Some women in the ice cream business might want to join this union).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Post Script:  Apparently Lady Gaga is not Goo-goo about Baby Gaga and is going to court to stop the use of that name.

12 thoughts on “Ga Ga or Gag Gag”

  1. I’m all for free range and organic. I’m also very much for breastfeeding your babies, but this crosses the line in my mind. No can do. 🙂 To me breast milk is for babies.

  2. Doesn’t appeal to me. I agree only for babies. This is the first time I can reach you blog. The links didn’t work anymore. Maybe it has something to do with the situation here

  3. I’m in complete agreement with emmerube. I breast fed both my babies and think it is the think to do if at all possible, but he idea of making ice cream of out of it is creepy.

  4. That is gag-gag to the max. There are times milk is used by other mothers who for some reason don’t or can’t. The value of milk is what it gives a baby’s immune system.

  5. kat,
    I’m glad some have already gone over to visit but I am planning a special post in a couple of days. Stay well, friend.

    I agree that breast milk is for babies. In fact, there should be some way of collecting breast milk for that purpose when it is needed medically rather than use it decadently to make ice cream. But I thought you ladies would also have been offended to be called “free ranging and organic”.

  6. marja,
    Thanks for the email telling me about the cyber attack on wordpress. In fact, services were only back to normal on late Sunday or early Monday. I suspect that is why you had problems reaching this blog and I had difficulty posing comments on other blogs. I think in New Zealand, it would be tough to compete with all that rich creamy NZ cow milk.

    Secret agent,
    Any professional evaluation of someone who would buy human breast milk ice cream? I understand the idea f using human breast milk in the food industry is not new. It has been used to make coffee and I just learned from Mindful Merchant that it has been used to make cheese too.

  7. Joyce,
    I take that as a strong vote against Baby Ga Ga ice cream.

    I guess kids will eat anything but should the adults? Actually, there are medical reasons why sometimes human breast milk from donors may be needed, hence it seems unwise to use such a limited resource for ice cream.

  8. Laura,
    For some reason, human milk cheese freaks me out even more than human milk ice cream. But I thought you ladies would be more objectionable to being called “free range and organic”.

    I agree with you totally that there are more important uses for human breast milk than ice cream.

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