Kat and the Kamama Wonderland

I started blogging in October 2006.  My goodness, has it been that long?  The reason I started was that I had a friend who wanted to start up a blog but procrastinated for months and so I challenged him to a race to see who could get a blog up and running first.  I won.  He lost and later lost interest.  I, however was hooked; especially by the wonderful new friends I was making.  Now over the years, some of my good blogging friends have faded, pulled away by the demands of real life and one has even gone to a better place.  I miss them all.  But there are a few friends that I have had since I took those early blogging footsteps and whom I am still in happy contact today.

As early as December 2006, I stumbled upon Kat and her blog “Stay at Home Kat“.  I had been looking to read a blog of someone with an interest in nature and natural history.  Kat can best be described as a fan, follower and practitioner of science and a friend of all living things.  She reigns over a charmed piece of  woodlands near Atlanta, Georgia which she has called the wonderful kingdom of Kamama. She is my Renaissance woman poster girl.  Her posts feature and showcase her love for nature.  She is interested and knowledgeable in astronomy,bird watching,  falconery, insects, pandas, reptiles, amphibians…..etc.  Did I mention snakes?  She was for many years a volunteer at the Atlanta Zoo for the Birds of Prey Show and is currently a member and supporter of the Georgia Aquarium.  She’s also from the Food and Hospitality industry.  Yum.

Kat has a particular passion for butterflies and plants milkweed so as to make Kamama an officially recognized way-station for Monarch Butterflies as they fly north from their wintering grounds.  Occasionally, she even acts as a foster parent and protect insect cocoons until they hatch.  Kat shares Kamama with two ginger cats and a dog, Taylor and many of her posts will deal with their antics and their interaction with other animal denizens of the kingdom.

During one of our earliest exchanges, Kat posted a mystery about how there was an abundance and predomination of fallen oak leaves near one side of her house when the nearest oak tree was a great distance away and immediately round her house were maple trees.  She was making scientific postulations about the movement of air currents and rainfall patterns to explain the phenomena.  I replied saying that as a scientist, I believed that the simplest explanation was that she had pixies in her garden.  For a long while after, she doubted that I was a real scientist.  I think finally she decided that I was a jester dressed in a lab coat pretending to be a scientist .

We had our friendly disagreements over discussions on evolution.  We also both went through a bad spell together when we each had to fight off the bears in our back yards (kind of an insider joke, you’d have to read a lot of old posts to get to the bottom of that one).  Anyway, our friendship has continued to grow and strengthen.  Who would have thought it possible for a Kat and a squirrel?!?

In another meeting of fates, both of us made important life-changing decisions last year.  Although happy with the decision, Kat has been adjusting to a new way of life and lately has felt a little down and lonely.  So I would ask if you could  drop in on Kat, Taylor and the ginger cats and the whole menagerie at Kamama and say a warm “Hello”.  Visit for awhile and enrich your mind.  Kat may even teach you how to “samba”.  To visit just click here.

Rare Gynandromorph Diana (raised and photographed by Kat)
Pixies, Kat and Dog,
All live in Kamama on the edge of town
A Monarch wayside stop
A sanctuary for animals  from all around
On this here Kamama ground
(By LGS; Sung to the tune of “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves)

17 thoughts on “Kat and the Kamama Wonderland”

  1. Kat seems like a sweet lady – thanks for the link LGS 🙂
    By the way…whatever happened to Dave the schoolteacher?

  2. This Kat
    is rolling about as if in Catnip Heaven!
    What a Friend you are (and have been to me)
    What a tribute…. how generous and loving.
    This soul, Lone Grey Squirrel, has always been such and this is why I am an ongoing and will be a forever Fan and Champion of this man.
    We are worlds apart but close at heart.
    He is funnier than I am and tells a better story than I can! I love you, LGS.
    Live long and prosper always, my friend.

    And see how I knew knew knew where to go to maybe get some company on a lonely day out my way …. to the fabulous followers of this awesome award-winning blog 🙂

    Thank you all. This glow will burn brightly about me for some time to come!

  3. very nice post and write up of your friend. 🙂 I popped over to her blog earlier this week and was pleasantly surprised to see all her nature posts. I do so like nature and animals.

    and very cool butterfly you posted here. 🙂 I’ll never remember the name, but it sure is purty. 🙂

  4. Claudia,
    Thanks. I have missed you over here calling me “Squirrelly”. Hope you are well.

    Thanks for going over and visiting with Kat. Yeah, I miss Dave too. He and I were very similar as reflected in our posts which closely mirrored each other. He did pop by to leave a comment on my blog sometime in the last three months but I know little else.

  5. Secret agent,
    It is half male / half female – the butterfly that is. It’s a rare occurrence and Kat actually donated this specimen to the Smithsonian. Be interested in knowing what made you start blogging when you did.

  6. kat,
    It has been my privilege and pleasure to write this post. I am glad that some of my readers popped over to Kamama. Please slow down with all the kind words. This squirrel’s head may get so swollen it may get stuck in a hole!

  7. emerrube,
    Thanks for going over and visiting kat. Isn’t her blog just a wonderland if you like nature and animals? As I mentioned to secret agent, that butterfly is very rare and kat donated that specimen to the Smithsonian.

  8. Don’t get a swollen head! To prevent that I will now admit that recently in a comment to one of your friends visiting me- I said that it was no big deal to see a squirrel climbing a tree! but that to see a Chipmunk scamper up a tree was a true delight!

  9. Hello Calvin – you’re quite the seasoned blogger then hey? … I trust that you’ll continue for many more years to come (or at least while I still have an internet connection).

    You are a great blogger and I wish I was able to express myself as well as you – a great post on your friend Kat, who’s blog I shall certainly explore further …

    Thank you for the mention on a previous post – I appreciate it.

  10. We’ve been blogging for about the same length of time – I began mine in June 2006. And you have certainly intrigued me about Kat and her blog as I love animals and all things outdoors, too. Thank you for the wonderful introduction to your good friend.

  11. Does your friend resent you because he was the one who wanted to start a blog, but you’re the one still doing it now? That might kind of annoy me as a constant reminder of my own failure to stick with something, like if I convinced a friend to go with me to an acting audition and they got the part and became a famous actor.

  12. OneStonedCrow,
    I am no spring chicken. Sadly true on so many levels. Good to hear from you. Welcome back.

    I am so worried about the Fukushima situation. A disaster there would affect so many people.

  13. hearts,
    I am sure you will enjoy your visit over at Kat’s.

    Good Greatsby,
    Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. It is possible like you said that my friend maybe resentful that I carried on while he stopped. But I did do my best to encourage him and even directed people to his blog on a couple of occasions. In the end, he had other distractions and probably forgot all about blogging.

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