Tsunami – Japan 2011

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa By Katsushika Hokusai

This blog has observed a week of silence in respect for the thousands who lost their lives in the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami that hit Sendai and the surrounding area in Japan on the 11th of March 2011.  My thoughts and good wishes to the people of Japan in this terrible time.  My prayers too that the nuclear reactor incident at Fukushima does not become a full blown nuclear disaster.

Japan, perhaps among all nations, are best prepared to face earthquakes and tsunamis but this incident reminds us the limit of our abilities to determine our own fate and our helplessness in the face of such powerful natural forces.

14 thoughts on “Tsunami – Japan 2011”

  1. I seem constantly behind on blog reading, so i am catching up.

    The people of Japan have my prayers and love, and the people of the world, as well, if those reactors melt down.

    Hope all things are well with a certain Malaysian squirrel.

  2. I’ve been saddened, as I’m sure everyone has been, at the ongoing catastrophe in Japan – I was glad to spend two nights at the coast away from TV and the internet … sometimes the horror is overwhelming … even for the observer …

  3. Yes this disaster is beyond comprehension, so enormous, so tragic, so sad. Let us all pray for their strength, for relieve, that they get the elctricity connected, that they get a lot of help.

  4. I have a couple of friends that are from Canada that live in Japan. I have been in touch with them on Facebook and I am glad to say they are OK. They are telling me about empty stores and gas stations, rolling power outages and no heat. They are south of the quake zone so not so badly off as some. This whole disaster is heart breaking. I hope the nuclear problems they are experiencing now doesn’t get any worse. My heart goes out to the people of Japan.

  5. The Japanese are the most technologically advanced nation when it comes to earthquakes but this one two punch with the tsunami as well was too much even for them. Our love, prayers and help go out to them in their time of need. Let their strength and hope be again renewed.

    On a lighter note, one of your cousins came to visit my blog the other day…

  6. What impresses me the most, in the face of this catastrophe, is how the Japanese are behaving with such grace and dignity, in spite of the tragic losses they have endured and are still enduring, and will for many years to come. They have my prayers and fervent good wishes, along with my admiration.

  7. Only a living planet can support life, but living planets are also very active. It’s a Catch 22 and there’s no way around it.
    We’ve sent money to the Red Cross. The people of Japan are smart and stoic and the whole world is praying for them

  8. I feel just awful for these people. And they have had so much dignity through this thing. It’s very moving. I have already made a donation to the Red Cross and I hope no more damage from the nuclear plant occurs.

  9. I have said nothing about the tsunami and subsequent disasters because I don’t feel I have anything of value to add. So I’ve been quietly holding them in my thoughts.

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