Dim Lights in a Dark Place

Today I found inspiration from the dark under belly of Malaysian life – gambling and vice.  These couple of true stories illustrate that even in the darkest of dark recesses, there are some dim lights shining; some very dim lights.  Let’s start with vice.

The Reliable Witness

Proper society was recently rocked by a sex video scandal purported to involve a well-known Opposition political leader.  In a carefully staged event, three men (two politicians and a businessman) invited members of the press for a screening of the video which they claim shows the Opposition leader participating in a sexual romp with several people including prostitutes.  With this proof of this leader’s immorality ( a big issue in Muslim Malaysia), they call on him and his wife to resign from politics.

This intrepid squirrel reporter was not invited to the screening (must have been an oversight) but was told that the video was very dark and that there was only one short clip which showed the face of that particularly individual briefly.  While some agreed that the fleeting face bore a resemblance to  the accused Opposition leader, others pointed out  that the man in the video had a bit of a spare tire around the belly whereas the Opposition leader was a very thin individual.

One of the three whistle blowers showed the video to his nephew who is a supporter of the Opposition party, expecting to shake his faith in his leader.  Instead, the nephew said that he did not think that the man in the video resembled the Opposition leader.  Perhaps he was infuriated or perhaps he was exasperated with his nephew’s response but he then blurted out that he was sure that the man in the video was the Opposition leader because he was there at the time and he , himself could be clearly seen on the video.  At which point, a sleeping reporter woke up smelling blood and asked why  he was there at the sex party.  At which point, he gave the clever reply, “I cannot tell you.”

Hmmm. Seems like a case of the pot calling the kettle black and a great nominee for the “Dim Light in  a Dark Place” Award.

Tag – You’re it

Our second nominee for the “Dim Light in a Dark Place” Award involves gambling and a very ordinary but greedy man.  This story emerged when this man later made a police report when he felt he was unfairly treated.  The story goes that this guy was invited to take part in a high stakes poker game.  However, he was told that it was actually a scam.  He and two other players were actually going to cheat and take the unsuspecting fourth player to the cleaners.  One of them was a card shark who knew how to deal the right cards to his partners.  However, they wanted the “patsy” not to suspect anything and to encourage him to bet big.  This is where he comes into the picture.  His job is to appear to lose a lot of money initially so as to make the “patsy” comfortable and set him up for the big fall.  In line with this clever plan, he was to lose  RM 100,000 in the first two hours but after that, the card shark partner would make sure they would clean out the patsy for at least Rm 500,000 and they would share the winnings later.

Thinking this was a great way to more than double his initial outlay in a short morning’s work, he happily participated.  Thus he happily lost his RM 100,000; folding even when he had a powerful hand and giving away his money to the “patsy”.  He tried to keep a poker face but he must have been smiling inside at how easy it was to rip this “patsy” off.

After he had lost the pre-agreed amount, every body agreed to take a short bathroom break before continuing.  Our man went off happily to relieve himself and was full of anticipation for the second session where he was expecting to have the satisfaction of watching the “patsy” lose all his money.  However, upon his return, all he found was an empty room.  His two “partners” and the “patsy” had seconded with all his money.

Now I wasn’t there but I am fairly sure that the police man taking his report later laughed until tears ran down his cheeks when he heard this tale of ……….poetic justice? …….dishonor among thieves? …..it takes a crook to cheat a crook? …….. or another dim light in a dark place?

This Blog Does Not Silence its Detractors

13 thoughts on “Dim Lights in a Dark Place”

  1. A famous old quote comes to mind for some reason :

    “At the point in time when God saw fit to limit man’s intelligence, it is just a real shame that he did not also see fit to limit man’s stupidity.”

    Hoping that all is well in the squirrel world, even if some squirrels are far more squirrely than others…

  2. On the subject of prostitution (or sex workers, to be politically correct) I have mixed feelings …

    The naked truth is that this form of ’employment’ has been around since time immemorial and no amount of legislation will erase it …

    … what concerns me is the exploitation and slavery of women by their ‘handlers’ …

    … also, the sheer hypocrisy surrounding this issue – the very ‘pious’ men who shout out the loudest against prostitution are often the ones caught with their pants down …

  3. Always check the complainer before the complaint. Thats the only piece of advice I have. How do they know the complaint?

  4. Owen,
    My favorite is “Nothing is foolproof cause fools can be quite ingenious”. Hope you are on top of your straitjacket orders by now.

    I think prostitution should not be legalized because there is just so much exploitation and enslavement going on. There may be a few who genuinely choose it as a career but they really are the small minority. For too many girls, it is a nightmare. I understand the arguments for legalising prostitution but I guess I don’t trust those who are meant to oversee it.

  5. Joyce,
    Yes, you can recognise the mud-rakers by the mud on them.

    Ach! You continue to surprise me. Now I learn that you are also part German? Not Franconian by any chance, are you?

  6. Mr. Charleston,
    Precisely-mundo. Of course, the only thing worse is if the cops were the ones who stole it.

    Secret agent,
    Karma indeed…..and very entertaining for the rest of us.

  7. The first story made me laugh! He tried so hard to bring down the opposition, he brought himself down in the process!
    Politics is rife with “dim lights”!

  8. hearts,
    You are so kind and generous. I am less kind to politicians.

    The cretins are clearly breeding all around the world.

    Isn’t it ironic…….dim lights in the spotlight.

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