Bummed Out

Paradise Lost
A kind soul inquired after me,
Seeking news of the beach bum wannabe,
“This child of the wind, sand and sea,
This free spirit, How fares he?
As he dreams beneath the coconut trees”
But lo, behold the beach bum squirrel isn’t there,
Rocked by the breeze, the hammock swings bare
Awoken by the tweet of the modern bugle blare
He was ripped from the peace and nary a care
And now he’s running around like the Mad March Hare
This week has come upon me like a devil wind,
I’ve had to do all sorts and manner of things,
Seen doctors, lawyers and I’ve bailed someone out,
And even my casual work is pressing and piling up
With no beach for frolicking nor time for bumming,
That for a beach bum  is completely and utterly shocking.
Stress Causes Hare Loss


20 thoughts on “Bummed Out”

  1. I hate it when life interferes with having a good time. Life is too short… stress should not be allowed to dominate…

    Now hang onto your hair, I’ve never seen a squirrel with no hair, don’t want to find out…

  2. Sounds like you have the makings for several good posts right there. Get the unpleasantness done and then tell us all about it. I’ve pulled up my chair.

  3. What a hard week you’ve had…Well, as they say,
    when it rains, it pours. Hang on there squirrel…
    tomorrow is another day. The sun will shine again.

    P/S I’m sure you’ll be happily lazing on the hammock
    with a sherry in hand in no time ! The thought of it
    always gets me by ton even the darkest days

  4. Secret Agent,
    They should really let sleeping squirrels lie. Don’t you think?

    Thankfully I still have a lot of hair but it is turning white. A white squirrel isn’t a pretty sight either.

  5. Laura,
    I could really do with a couple of pints from your micro-breweries right about now.

    I’d never bail you out…….I’d bust you out! That’s so much more Detroit! When in Rome, do as the Romans do……

  6. geewits,
    You gotta hang on a bit longer and I will try to get those stories out but I gotta figure how to tell them stories without getting snuffed out.

    So true on so many levels.

    Yup, not so much fun when it rains on your hammock.

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