What Silence Sounds Like….

Wow.  My last post was half a month ago.  I hadn’t realised it had been so long ago.  In fact it has been so long since my last post that my good friend Mago has been searching for me in Trappist Monasteries.  He seems to think my long absence from the blog was due to me getting kidnapped by Trappist Monks and perhaps intoxicated and enticed by Trappist beer, joining their order (Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance) and taking on a vow of silence.  Dear Mago, thank you for your concern but such a thing did not happen and even if it did, it would not have stopped be from blogging cause the vow of silence does not stop them from having their own website and hence I suppose I would not have been prevented from blogging as long as I do it silently.

No, my absence was not due to such exciting and fanciful reasons; they were unfortunately more mundane, unexciting and a lot more unpleasant than drinking beer.  This last two week was occupied with brushes with the law, sitting in doctors waiting rooms, sleeping in hospital rooms and rushing through some work related reports.

Someone close to me got entangled with the law which necessitated my going to the police station a few times in an attempt to get him out on police bail.  It was all a misunderstanding and all charges against him was subsequently dropped but not until I got a glimpse of how the penal system works  or rather how it isn’t working the way it ought to.  However, it is a sensitive issue so I will have to take the vow of silence here. “I ain’t no stool pigeon, see…..!”

Someone else who is very close to me needed to go to hospital several times to be poked and have all variety of bodily fluids sampled.  The subsequent diagnosis is quite life changing.  Unfortunately, I have no permission to share the details here so on this too, I shall have to remain silent for now.  But perhaps it will be a post on its own in the near future.

I could talk about all the hard work I put in to get those work related reports done on time (Well actually past the dateline.  Hope no one noticed), but that is one topic that you probably wish I remain silent on.

Oh well.  It’s hard to think about what to write when you’ve been away for awhile.  You know……..like you lost your chain of thought.  But any way, hope everyone had a blessed Easter; best wishes to William and Kate on their new marriage and good luck with all the invasion of privacy and the “annoying little buzzing mosquitoes” (the paparazzi);  best wishes to my friends Jade and Eugene who chose to get married on the same weekend as the other couple (does that make it easier to remember the anniversary?);  and my condolences to those who have suffered loss in the recent tornado outbreak in the USA (I hope that none of my blogger friends were directly or indirectly affected).

Well, I think I shall followup on a suggestion by Geewits and I will reach back in time and retell a tale from my student days in London for my  next post.  But for now, I return to the starting theme of this post and give you the original “Sound of Silence” by the iconic Simon and Garfunkel.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And speaking about monks and silence, I couldn’t resist this offering from Gregorian monks.  Turn up the volume though cause the sound is so soft it is almost silent.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

8 thoughts on “What Silence Sounds Like….”

  1. When I was a child we used to participate every year in a festival of Gregorian Chant in our town. It involved a long walk up through the town, from school to the cathedral, which at the time was the part of the whole affair we appreciated the most! It has left me, in the long run though, with a love of Gregorian Chant….Too bad you didn’t join the Trappists. The world could use more prayer to rescue us from the rampant craziness….but then who would help family members who are sick or being unjustly hauled up by the law? Keep up the good work!

  2. Ha – good to see you back.
    “Life, with all please, and extra spice!”
    As you mention it, I have to search for some Trappist beer. Hope all this poking and sambling will bring a clear and bearable result.

  3. Sometimes life takes over and you are needed to take care of unplanned and serious situations. Your friends and family are fortunate to have you. Silence is often the only way to handle your blog. Hope all works out well.

  4. Sorry to hear about the harsh travails of your friends (and/or family). I’m glad you are okay. Welcome back and I look forward to your next post. And “half a month?” C’mon, you lived in England! That’s a “fortnight.”

  5. Molly,
    Thanks but I’d be a very poor monk. The only reason I’d be silent would be because I ‘d had taken too much of the liquid temptation.

    Glad to be back and to read your comments. Hope all is well with you to. I promise to be over at your blog in a day or two to catch up on what I have missed.

  6. Joyce,
    Silence is good but I’m not capable of keeping silent long. Anyway, life goes on and so does blogging for now.

    Bloody ‘ell. The bleedin’ cheek of the woman to pull me up for not using the British vernacular with all its bleedin’ idiosyncrasies. I think what it is … is that she’s been watching too much Royal Wedding on the telly ….that’s what it is. Cor Blim’ey. Go away a bleedin’ fortnight and they think they own yer blog.

  7. I realize this is off the topic of what you really said in this post…but your post title reminds me of the latest Doctor Who. 🙂 Do you watch? it’s one of my personal favorites. sorry like got so…interesting. 🙂

  8. Emerrube,
    I don’t get the opportunity to watch Dr. Who where I am. I may have seen 2 – 3 episodes over the years and I think I would like it. Amazing what they accomplish with almost no special effects budget, isn’t it?

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