Surrogate Critter

Sorry folks but the Lone Grey Squirrel is off to attend a Christian Youth Camp for the next few days where I am suppose to share wisdom with the next generation on the topics of “Freedom” and “Self Esteem”.  In between, I might be expected to participate in all manner of wild, whacky and energetic youthful games and sports.  Please pray that I survive this encounter with youth.

Anyway, I am literally packing for my trip but I was worried that regular readers may come by this blog and be perturbed by the silence and miss the sound of little scampering paws.  Therefore at great expense, I have brought in a surrogate critter to scurry around here for your entertainment.  Many thanks to Termites of Sin  who first alerted me of this wonderful creatures.   For scurrying and scampering, please play the video below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

9 thoughts on “Surrogate Critter”

  1. Holy … , sorry – fascinating: I love these machines. A lot of philosophical impact. AI and indepent moving robots always fascinted me.
    I wish you all luck and success for the teaching – and “wild, whacky and energetic youthful games and sports.” Watch yer bones, dear Squirrel!

  2. I’ll take some time to pray for your work with the youth. But like Mago I say watch out for your body.
    The animals on the beach are ingenious but scary. My mind couldn’t come up with something so abstract.

  3. “Surrogate Critters” sounds like a SciFi Thriller of the B-rated variety. Sadly I cannot see the link because of my security settings but I do a search for it.

    Maybe a young squirrelet will have an innocent week-long, “mini-crush” on you. When I was a young christian squirrel this involved sitting near him during meals and hoping he might hold/warm up my cold hands during songs. Every word he spoke sounded like a revelation. However, Anything beyond a peck on the cheek, especially from an adult male, would have been a betrayal of faith.


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