Dolphins of Mandurah

The city of Mandurah is the second largest city in Western Australia.  Located about 70 km south of Perth and well-connected by highway and more recently by train, it has boomed and become a favored place for retirees as well as the playground for the rich.  It also happens to be where my mother-in-law has lived for more than 15 years.  My wife and I have made a few trips during that time to visit her and have seen the place grow from a small community to the city it is today.

If you take a boat ride through the wonderful waterways and canals, you will get to see many multi-million dollar homes along the waterfront.

Canal Homes of the Rich

But for me, of greater interest is that Mandurah sits astride the shores of the Peel-Harvey Estuary which makes it an important place for waterbirds and marine life.  Therefore, on that same boat ride, you may also be fortunate to see dolphins.

First Tantalising Sign of Dolphins

On one such trip some years ago,  the dolphins played alongside the boat for quite a long while.  Dolphins like to swim just in front of the boat where they get the extra push of the bow wave created by the boat.  Anyway, this all gave me the opportunity to take the following shots.  These were originally taken as slides and was only recently scanned into digital format.  The quality of the photo was unfortunately affected by the process.  Still, I hope you enjoy these.

Riding the Bow Wave
Dancing on Sunlight
Flirting with the Tourists
Watching Me Watching You



12 thoughts on “Dolphins of Mandurah”

  1. Great, I especially like the shot of the blow-hole and sparkles on the water – I’ve also seen these fascinating creatures whilst on a boat off the coast of Namibia …

  2. That looks SO BEAUTIFUL…!!! Can you imaging living in one of those waterfront homes. *siiiigggghhhh*

    (And, no the Canucks have not won ~~~ yet. 🙂 Tomorrow is game six. Fingers crossed!)

  3. And what is that strange little appendage on my avatar? I don’t think I have one of those in real life. Let me check…

    … nope, I don’t have one. 🙂

  4. Looks like your MIL picked a great place to retire. This last beach trip, our fourth, marked the first time I saw dolphins. It was nice to watch them swim across.

  5. I saw the first pic w/ the dorsal fin and thought “Shark!” until I got to the text that said it was a dophlin. Clearly not a Marine Biologist here. Considering how the rich become rich, maybe sharks in the water would be more appropriate.

  6. I agree! the blow-hole and sparkles – first rate photo!

    Dolphins – magical mystical marvelous – complex creatures gracing this world.

  7. Marvelous creatures. It’s interesting to me how the entire world is beginning to morph into the same blandness. The houses could have just as well been in south Florida, USA.

  8. OneStonedCrow,
    Oooo. I can imagine the waters off Namibia must be rich in life. I get a little anxious cause all I know about that part of the world is Skeleton Coast. As for the picture with the blowhole and sparkles, I just tried to be adventurous with the lighting and speed and it worked. Doubt if I know how to do that again.

    Are you one appendage short? How ever are you going to survive with one appendage short? I too would like a chance to live in one of those waterside mansions but since I can’t I would like to imagine that it is not a nice place to live on account of all the tourist riding boats by and gawking in.

  9. geewits,
    It was an uncle who first made the wise decision to buy land there. At that time, it was still a small village and the land was cheap. About 5 years later, the prices escalated as Perth grew rich on mining industries in Western Australia and has continued to rise since. He had the foresight to see the future development. In the early days though, it was like living in the outback where they had not more than 6 neighbours within a kilometer radius. Got scary at night.

    The sharks were probably paid off by the rich and super rich.

  10. Kat,
    Thanks. It was a rare shot which I have not a clue on how to take again.

    Mr. Charleston,
    I agree. There is a lack of character and soul in the global design scene. Your recent photos of your home in a fishing lodge was far better.

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