Spiritual Highs

As you may know, I was away attending a Christian Youth Camp about 2 weeks ago.  I had agreed to share the teaching duties with my friend, Michael and so I found myself amongst a group of about 45 teenagers.

This Is Where We Stayed

The camp was held in a small fishermen’s village located on the coast about 10 km from the town of Kuantan.  This area has some great beaches but ours was not so much.

Our Beach Was The Not So Nice One Next To This

The programme was exhausting. The typical day starts at 7 am when campers are encouraged to do some morning exercise like a run along the beach.  That is followed with breakfast, an hour of singing and group games, an hour talk, an hour of group discussion, lunch, a short break, an hour of indoor games, another talk, another group discussion, an hour of football, an hour at the beach, dinner, more group games, talentime and skits until 11 in the evening.  They kept up the frantic pace for the three days but there were some tired souls by the end of camp.

Some of the Young People

I spoke to them on two topics; freedom and self-esteem.  My colleague spoke on “boy-girl relationships” and he ended the camp with a powerful session of personal sharing and the gospel message.  Some non-Christians responded by wanting to know more about the Good News.  We were also blessed as we witnessed 4 young people share their testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and were later baptised in the sea (although they had to walk a long way out as it was low tide).

This Young Lady Is Giving Her Testimony Before Being Baptised

Among the many activities, one of the highlights was when the campers made rocket ships out of plastic bottles.  These ships were then launched from a special apparatus with a little bit of help from some water and pressurised air.  Surprisingly, after a few false starts, we had a few rockets reach up to about 15 m in the air and traveled as far as some 150 m distant.

Houston, We Have a Problem

It took many shots before I got this one which captures a rocket in flight soon after lift-off.  Two important lessons I learned from camp was that God is Good for all generations and that I am not young anymore.  I needed some serious R & R after this camp. 🙂

Houston, We Have Lift Off!!!!



10 thoughts on “Spiritual Highs”

  1. That sounds like a pretty strict schedule, but it looks like you guys had fun!

    I love the photo of the rocket ship taking off! Fun!

  2. It looked like great fun. Loved the pics. Question-on the t shirts I couldn’t read the bottom words written in black?
    I know that everyone should have been tired but I always found my boys could catch up on sleep faster than the adults.

  3. What beautiful young people to be amongst! lucky you! all that energy and spirit and enthusiasm they brought to you and that you gave back …..

  4. You not young anymore Aargh that means I am not young anymore either.
    Good on you to inspire these young people. Keep up the good work

  5. Mr. Charleston,
    Well, I’m hoping some of their youthful energy rubbed off on me.

    These are kids away from home and mom and dad’s rules. If they could, they wouldn’t sleep a wink. Even after the programmes and the lights out, the conversations went on deep into the night. To the last, it was hard to get anyone to admit that they were tired even though it showed on their faces.

  6. Pauline,
    The kids thrive on activity. Me? I could have used an afternoon siesta time but they had too much energy to burn. The rocket ships was awesome but the failed launches were even more fun with water splashing everywhere and a whole lot of laughter.

    The T-shirt reads as follows; “God wants YOU TO BE saved.” Even though these kids were from a small country town, they are very much exposed to the internet and icons such as “YOU TUBE”.

  7. emmerube,
    It was fun getting in touch with my inner kid but it was tiring.

    It was a great experience and I think I probably got more out of it than I gave back.

    Ah, but your temperate Kiwi weather keeps you younger than those of us who swelter under the equatorial sun.

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