A Hammock With a View

You can’t escape from your roots.  We can’t escape from the strong influences of our childhood experiences.

I like traveling and if you were to ask me what my travel or holiday preference is; I would naturally say that I enjoy being near rivers and lakes and in the mountains.  I do not think of myself as a beach person.

But here’s the thing.  When I was growing up. about the only holiday that we had as a family was a beach holiday in a place called Port Dickson in Malaysia, which in its heyday could rival the best beaches in the world (today it has been ruined by excessive and irresponsible development).  So I grew up with a great love of the beach and sea.

I am not sure, why I drifted away from this early passion but I spent most of my adult traveling away from the beach.  However, in the last five years, I have had the opportunity to visit Bali, Indonesia on three occasions.   Now Bali is much more than just the beach.  It has culture, arts, crafts, history, festivals, music, rice fields, temples, volcanoes, a unique way of life, charming people and much, much more.

But especially this last trip, I re-connected with the sea and the beach.  This trip I made it a point not to travel all over the island in pursuit of culture and sight seeing.  This trip was all about relaxing on the beach; enjoying a dip in the sea, playing with the exciting surf and beach-combing during low tide.  And for most of the time, just lying in the shade of beach side trees, catching the cool sea breeze, snoozing or enjoying the view.  And though I was enjoying the experience in the “now”, it also re-awoken the child in me and the childhood memories of Port Dickson.

So, the Lone Grey Squirrel went away on a mission to be a beach bum………mission accomplished!  I just wanted to share with you the view that I had from my spot under the shade trees which I lazily took with my camera while still in a reclining position.

The View Above Me - Blue Skies
The View In Front - Blue Seas
The View to the Side - Blue Bikini

Ah, a feast for eyes and senses.

16 thoughts on “A Hammock With a View”

  1. I’m not into women in bikini’s, but I do enjoy the view of the beach. It looks so beautiful and warm. 🙂 glad you had a nice time.

  2. unlike emerrube I am into women n blue bikinis 9or red or yellow, or whatever color) yet I am glad you got the opportunity to de-stress some and be a bum for at least a while.

  3. It seems you were able to have a wonderful time. Happy for you. You made me a tiny bit envious. No stress and beautiful sights-you hit the jackpot.

  4. A paradise! What magnificent trees! Sky Sand Ocean.

    I confess that I get a bit seasick in a hammock – a terrible confession to have to make since I am born a Hawaii Hula Gal!

  5. emerrube,
    Thanks. The beach was definitely the star. The woman in bikini was just icing on the cake. 🙂

    I was actually thinking of you when I took the photo of the woman in the blue (or partly out of it) bikini. “Mark, might appreciate this.” I thought. I am really enjoying being a bum……I may never be a contributing member of society again!

  6. Joyce,
    I was indeed blessed. Furthermore, my wife was actually there to attend a meeting and we got all our airfare and hotel costs covered by her employer. So all that for free! Warms the heart of a scrooge like me. God is gracious and a great travel agent too.

    I knew the Brazilian connection but I did not know your Hawaiian connection. How old were you when you left Hawaii?

    Riot Kitty,
    I really needed to become one with my beach bum self. Now that that is achieved, I can now return to the business of world conquest. Even my evil laugh is re-charged. Mwahahahaha.

  7. What a beautiful beach! I AM a beach person. Rivers, lakes and mountains do nothing for me. Okay, maybe some lakes are okay, but I’d always rather be at the beach. And Bali? Wow.

  8. I totally didn’t have eyes for the bikini clad woman after looking at the gorgeous beach.

    ….Oh, who am I kidding.

  9. geewits,
    I totally know that you are a Beach person. And I know that I am a lucky so and so that I had three opportunities to go to Bali. I know it is far but you would love Bali. The local Bintang beer isn’t such a bad brew to quaff down either.

    Welcome, to the realm. Just so you know, it isn’t always sun, sand and bikini clad girls here. Occasionally there’s something else. 🙂

  10. You mean I now have to travel to Malaysia to see a beach? But what a beach that is. (ignoring the bikini) When Joe used to DRAG me to Florida, I was always happy to return home to the land of mountains and trees. Now we live here, much to my surprise, and the beaches are nothing more than for tourists only….and trash and condos and….at least I never had trouble seeing a mountain!

  11. Hi LGS! Thanks for not giving up on me……Have been a lazy blogger and not keeping up with blog friends lately! Love the beach, wherever it is. Yours looks very nice. Did you find [or look for] any nice shells? Blue skies, warm sand, beachy, twisted trees, no deadlines—-who could ask for anything more?

  12. Beau’s Mom,
    That’s the problem with most beaches today …… too many damn tourists. Good luck with the image of the secluded beach. May be that’s why I like the rivers and lakes too. You don’t have to go far to be away from the crowds.

    I know you are a beach lass. This beach I was at was great for its surf. Sea life was a bit thin but I did see sea urchins and some starfish at low tide. Not much i way of shells though.

  13. I love beaches, especially tropical ones. I love the sea, beachcombing, cloud watching, trailing my fingers in the sand, the hot sun, everything about it. Your photos are mouthwatering, and I’m so glad you had some time to reconnect with your childhood, and yourself.

  14. Yes, LGS – born in Hawaii but I did not get to grow up there …. there are no memories, just pictures, of me on Waikiki Beach ….. we left when I was just a toddler!

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