In Hindsight

I have been trying to post for the last few days but I have been having trouble with my internet connection.  I was hoping to load up some photos from my recent misadventure in Singapore but it has been a frustrating experience with the internet connection coming and going.   So it’s going to have to be a post sans photos or videos.  Hmmm.  what to write about?  That poses a challenge!

Well, I was inspired by geewits who posted on choosing a Groundhog Day.  The idea comes from a Bill Murray film by that name where he re-lives Groundhog Day again and again until he gets things right.  Geewits posed the question as to which day would we choose to re-live if we had a choice.

At the same time in a convergence of thought, I was reflecting on some of the comments to my last post and in my reply to geewits, I mentioned that I was a big fan of Snoopy the Musical.  As it happens, one of the songs in the musical entitled “I Know Now” has an ensemble of the Peanuts gang singing this line, “Just think of it gee, how great it would be, if I could go back somehow, and have my like to live over knowing what I know.”

Geewits had a very wise choice for her Groundhog Day but for me, I would chose a particular day that I have regretted all my life so that I might, like Bill Murray, get it right in the end.  And I would have told my 20 year old self that friendship and doing the right thing is more important than what other people think.

So if you could go back somehow and meet your 16 year old self or your 21 year old self or your 30 something self or whatever age, what would you tell your other self …… knowing what you know now?


12 thoughts on “In Hindsight”

  1. Would love to have a witty groundhog day idea, but alas, none come to mind. And I guess that pretty well sums it up. I can’t think of a particular day, good or bad, that I would want to relive until I got it right. But I can think of a hundred that I would do differently.

  2. mmmm … well offhand I can’t think of any bad day I’d like to relive but I can think of a few perfectly good days I savour … I’m not telling though … 🙂

  3. I’d tell my 16-year-old and 21-year-old selves, “Hang in there! It gets better!”

    I’m still in my 30-something-year-old self.

  4. If I could go back I’d break off a certain relationship with a very nice fellow in a classier and kinder, more courageous and mature way than I did. What can you say….Young and stupid….Sigh.

  5. If it was to change something for the better, I’m with Molly and would go back to 1988 to leave my first husband in a calmer more mature way. I do have a legitimate excuse for the sorry way I handled it, but that doesn’t make it better.

  6. Mr. Charleston,
    Perhaps it is good that no particular day stands out as one that needs to be a Groundhog Day and it isn’t healthy to be obsessed about getting things perfect. Life is never perfect. Thanks for the intro to scotty graham. He is from my neck of the woods but no I had not known of him before.

    What a tease. But its good to have days that one would like to savor. But cruel to inquisitive squirrels, not to tell.

  7. Owen,
    So fortunate to have no regrets …..and healthy. Too much pondering over things past can drive one nuts – a subject that I am familiar with. 🙂

    Riot Kitty,
    Glad that things are getting better and that you are in a good place with your thirty-something self. Really, what else could we hope for?

  8. molly,
    Ah well, “young and stupid” pretty much goes hand in hand. Such is the wisdom we gain in hindsight.

    As the song says “..breaking up is hard to do” (Neil Sedaka). It’s nice that both Molly and you have come to a point that you can look back at that time with more compassion and desire to have parted better but I am sure emotions were raw at that time. Thanks again for the Groundhog Day idea. It was a great one.

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