Even More Reasons For Not Going Swimming Soon

Regular readers will know that this squirrel is highly suspicious about what lurks below the surface of the water – whether it be at sea or in deep fresh water pools or rivers.  This is evidenced by the following posts, “Not Going Swimming Soon“, “Still Not Going Swimming Soon“,  “More Reasons for Not Going Swimming Soon” and “Fishy Tale“.  Just when, the squirrel was beginning to think it might be okay to dip his paws into the water, news came about this monster crocodile in Mindanao, Philippines.

It is believed that this “croczilla” attacked and killed at least one person in 2009.  A hunt organised then was unsuccessful.  More recently, it is believed to have killed a fisherman in July this year and many witnesses saw it kill a water buffalo last month.

Officials with the help of crocodile experts, set up four traps at the creek where it was sighted but the crocodile destroyed the traps.  They eventually caught it after a three week hunt, using a trap made from steel cable.

This monster measures in at 21 feet or close to 7 m and weighs in excess of one tonne which makes it substantially bigger than the current recorded crocodile caught.   It took 100 men to pull it out of the creek.   Just look at the monster in the photos below.

A One Tonne, 21 Foot Man Eater
"It is ...this big. Well .....actually it is a lot bigger than my arms can stretch!"

Malaysia too has its share of crocodiles.  Attacks on people and livestock still occurs frequently in the rivers of East Malaysia.  In West Malaysia, the situation is different.  Although historically crocodiles were a menace and attacks were frequent, incidences of such attacks have practically disappeared in the last 50 years.

While it is true that man-eating crocodiles were hunted down and killed, there are still crocodiles in the rivers today but they seem to stay away from humans.  Why this is so is unclear; perhaps the remaining crocodiles have learned to fear men or perhaps there are so few crocodiles today and their natural food so plentiful that they leave humans alone. No one knows for sure.

But if you were to speak to the bomohs or village shamans and the elderly but experienced crocodile hunters, they have a different explanation.  They will tell you that in every river, there is the one king crocodile which they call the “Bujang”.  The Bujang is the one that influences the crocodiles to attack humans.  Once you have killed the Bujang, then the rest of the crocodiles will leave humans alone.

It may be easy to dismiss this as superstitious fables but these men are well respected in their communities as being able to call and attract the Bujang to shore where they can kill it.

As for me, I can’t stop thinking that the ‘croczilla” is long enough to swallow three of me lined up length-wise and still have room for R2D2 for dessert.


17 thoughts on “Even More Reasons For Not Going Swimming Soon”

  1. oh, I wouldn’t dismiss the bomohs. they may exaggerate the story, but I bet the facts are true. I’m not fond of what lurks beneath the water either. I love hearing the water and watching it, but getting into it… I might, might get into a crystal clean, blue pool. Might. 🙂

  2. It’s a shame they always kill these animals. There are so few places left for them anymore. A recent photo in the local paper featured a killed 15 foot alligator. Alligators live to be 75 or so years old and you can bet this croc is an old man too.

  3. Holy Croc Teeth, no wonder squirrels live in the tree-tops ! This story even made in CNN the other day… a truly monstrous lizard ! Croczilla !

  4. I read about that…scary! Yep, seeing one of those within, say, half a hemisphere would be enough for me not to go swimming.

  5. Holy moley, that’s a big ass crocodile! My heart goes out to victims of croc attacks, but I don’t think any animal that attacks a human should be hunted down and killed. Every year animals lose more habitat and some end up forced to hunt humans for food.

  6. Mark,
    Tut – tut. Everyone knows that squirrels eat nuts and are fully paid up members of PETA.

    I agree. The bomohs are not to be laughed at. I always listen to what they say. Even if I do not believe it fully, I keep it at the back of my mind in case it is ever useful.

  7. Joyce,
    I would probably have a heart attack if I suddenly met it in the wild.

    Oh, this is definitely a Bujang…..in fact it must be the king of bujangs. If it were in Malaysia, any crocodile that has killed a human would be immediately killed but in Philippines, they are protected by law. The villagers hope that the government will help fund an ecotourism park showcasing local flora and fauna at which the giant crocodile would be the star attraction.

  8. Mr. Charleston,
    Read my reply to Graham above. This giant croc is destined to be the star attraction of a proposed nature park.

    What you say is true! To my knowledge, there are no ground squirrels around there – product of having giant lizards at that level.

  9. Riot Kitty,
    People in the rural areas still use the river to bathe, do dishes, laundry and to fish. Hence they are still at risk of crocodile attack.

    You will be happy to learn that this particular croc is intended to be the star attraction at a nature park.

  10. oh my I didn’t even know that they came that big Even seeing it on a picture scares me. Luckily in NZ we have no scary creatures Just a few sheep

  11. I posted one of those pictures on Facebook the other day with the observation that the creature would make a wonderful American politician and wondered if it were for sale, which would prove my premise.

    There is something fantastical about gigantic members of any species, always. Surely this one is King of the Crocodiles, or should be.

  12. Secret Agent,
    I am sure few would dare challenge its position as top croc.

    You are outnumbered by sheep in NZ. If they ever get organised, you could be in trouble….

    Are you suggesting that it is actually the President of Crocodiles or maybe Leader of the House?

  13. I watched this on the news and worried they killed the giant. Glad to hear they didn’t destroy him/her. It looks like this is a Bujang and a compelling reason why I avoid swimming in lakes and rivers. 🙂

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