1962 & the 49’er

The Fore-runner of Communication Satelites
1962 and the world faced possible oblivion
It was the year of nuclear confrontation
Superpowers facing off over missiles in Cuba
It was the pinnacle of Cold War drama.
While for the first time on the movie screen
James Bond, on service to Her Majesty the Queen
Fights Dr. No while drinking vodka martini
And still has time to romance the ladies.
The world was doing the Twist with Chubby Checker,
The Beatles took on Ringo Starr as drummer
The Telstar made possible trans-Atlantic broadcasting
And Rachel Carson raised the alarm about Silent Spring.
A small town girl named Norma Jean
Came to Hollywood to  fulfill her dreams
But the world of fame has its dark and soul sapping side
And in 1962, Marilyn Monroe slipped into the night
Into this year, I was born on the 13th September
The doctor spanked me and made me holler
And since then I have been ready to expect
The good and the bad out of this strange life.
Altogether, methinks that 1962 was quite the year.

15 thoughts on “1962 & the 49’er”

  1. Well ,Squirrel I wish you a Happy Birthday and many more. I have memories of that year. I married for the second time and was adjusting to that and a new father for my 8 year old son. :o)

  2. Happy Birthday my opposite twin! I bring great tidings. Watched the new Sarah Michelle Gellar show “Ringer” tonight and I pronounce it: Very good! I actually clapped when it was over. I hope you get to see it. Enjoy your 49th year. I really enjoyed mine. And now a song:
    Happy Happy Birthday to you to you to you!
    Warm and friendly greetings for you for you for you!
    Hope you have a great year, I really truly do!
    And I hope your birthday wishes come true come true come true!

  3. Joyce,
    I can’t imagine what it was like trying to raise a family in America, in the midst of the Cold War hysteria and the Cuban Missile Crisis. What was that like?

    I had a nice quiet one with family at a Thai restaurant. No dancing girls. Just how wild do Namibian parties get in the middle of nowhere with no prying eyes nearby?

  4. Geewits,
    Thanks. I am so glad to hear your positive assessment of SMG’s new show. It’s been awhile that our girl has had a good role. I will probably have to wait a year or two before it comes out my way. I like the thought that we are twins. We may have many similarities but of course I’ll be the evil twin bent on world domination.

  5. I worried but felt safe with new husband and family. It makes you wonder why so many wars?
    At my age my memories go all the way back to world war two. I had more fear for my family right after my husband’s death with the race riots coming within a block of where I was living.

  6. Happy B’day Squirrel. 1962 was a good year. The year I graduated High School (Don’t know what you call it in your neck of the woods) and joined the U.S. Air Force. I was a shaved-tail recruit when the Cuban missile crisis happened. I’ll never forget it. I was in the base cafeteria at the time. The air base was called to full alert and I was so young and new I had no idea what to do so I finished my meal. I figured the best thing I could do was to stay out of the way. As it turned out, the was the right decision.

  7. Joyce,
    I can understand why the race riots were even more frightful. Where were you when that happened? (i.e. city of part of the country). We had serious race riots in 1969 but I was too young to understand it then but the scars on society still can be seen.

    Death Star? Why, yes, it could be!

    Mr. Charleston,
    What a time to be the newbie!

  8. A very happy belated birthday to my favorite squirrel! I am very glad to be sharing the planet with you all these years. Life is full of both good and bad experiences, and nobody can expect one without the other.

    I was a Civil Rights worker in the 60’s, going door to door in Harlem, NY, registering people to vote who had never voted before. Some invited me in for tea in kitchens with pictures of JFK and Jesus on the walls and told me about their ancestors who were slaves. It was a time of enormous change in America when a lot of good people joined together to make things better for everyone, and sometimes succeeded. My first child was born in 1963, and my second a year and a half later, my third in the 70’s.

  9. I have always believed that I would have been a hippie activist if I was a teenager of the 60’s. Unfortunately I was a decade too late. But I am proud to know people like you who made a difference in that special time.

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