Unburied Nuts from 8th December 2007: The Truth is Way Out There

As a public service, the Lone Grey Squirrel has risked life and limb to reveal the truth behind some common icons of modern life. Be warned, the truth can be stranger than fiction! In fact, the “truth is way out there”. It will shake the foundation of your world view and beliefs. Are you sure you are ready? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Okay, the Lone Grey Squirrel presents the awful, shocking truth behind……………

……how electricity is really supplied to buildings!!!

……..how the ATM machine really works!!!

…..who really makes that cup of coffee!!!

…….and who really is responsible for Wikipedia!!!!

Stay tuned for more investigative reporting from the Lone Grey Squirrel who is currently investigating how they found actors and actresses small enough to fit into a TV set……..because inquisitive squirrels want to know!


18 thoughts on “Unburied Nuts from 8th December 2007: The Truth is Way Out There”

  1. At first I thought, “Hey you cheap ass Squirrel, reposting something old, for shame!” But then I liked it enough to agree it deserved a repost. Your off the hook….for now. 🙂


  2. Poor hard working squirrels! Did you ask a little child? For some reason many of them believe there are people inside of many things.

  3. I thought there were hamsters on little wheels running the ATMS? 🙂 One thing’s for sure, they are running the indoor plumbing in London. No other explanation for it. Every time I try to turn something on or off, it’s like working with the little engine that could.

  4. Melanie,
    Pheww! I am so glad you left me off the hook. I have been too busy to come up with a new post. It’s a lot of work maintaining and expanding Wikipedia entries, you know. 🙂

    As in all things, the truth is simple and uncomplicated! 🙂

  5. Mr. Charleston,
    I know what you mean but pictures never lie, right?

    Not just children. I heard a tale of when the television was being introduced for the first time to some interior mountain villagers in Europe in the 1960’s and they too did not grasp the concept that they were viewing images broadcasted over the airwaves, instead they too asked how science had managed to shrink people to fit inside the TV box.

  6. Riot Kitty,
    I am flattered that you took time from your London sightseeing to visit my humble blog! They don’t use hamsters in UK for that sort of thing. They use “church mice”. Hence the English saying “Poor as a Church mouse” cause the poor church mice are used to run every sort of thing. You know the clock on Big Ben? You know the rotating Scotland Yard sign? All powered by poor church mice.

  7. So uhhh dude where is my Wikipedia page? Don’t sweat it I have a caged squirrel i have been fattening up in the back I’ll get him to write it.

  8. Mark,
    Hey Dude! Are you sure you want me to write your Wikipedia page? Do you really want everyone to know about your habit of putting cute inoffensive little critters on your backyard BBQ? If you are absolutely sure……I’d do it!

    They are indeed. Be careful.

  9. Oh, Calvin, this made me laugh right out loud. Everyone in my office turned to look at me. *heh*

    Thank you for the chuckle. 🙂



  10. Jo,
    Always happy to help you look like a clown with a coffee stained computer screen at work.:) Your office colleagues will be jealous about your cheerful nature.

    I cannot claim credit for the cartoon but I am responsible for all the wikipedia entries. Of course, people will tell you that wikipeida is a collaborative effort of thousands of users. But who will you believe? Them or this cute guileless squirrel?

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