World Domination in Easy Steps

STEP 1 :  Watch Video Below!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Step 2:  Keep your Eyes on the swinging balls.  Watch them swing….to the right……and to the left.  Keep your eyes on the balls.

Step 3:   Your eyes are getting tired……sleepy………close your eyes.  Keep seeing the balls swing in your mind and keep listening to my voice.

Step 4:  You are in deep sleep and you must obey what I command.   When you wake up, you will not remember any of this but you will want to write a cheque for the total amount of your savings payable to the Lone Grey Squirrel and send it to the “World Enslavement of Humanity by Squirrels” Fund, c/0 Banque Suisse pour des Despotes et des Dictateurs, Zurich, Switzerland (where all the best despots and dictators keep their loot safe).  You will also have an unstoppable urge to feed squirrels.

Step 5: Wake up minions and do your master’s bidding.


17 thoughts on “World Domination in Easy Steps”

  1. Sorry I can’t concentrate enough to be put to sleep so no check. You will have to depend on your great sense of humor.

  2. Joyce,
    Depend on my sense of humor? I think we both know I should not quit my day job yet.

    Thank you but at the rate of $5.47 Canadian dollars, world domination is going to take many, many tiny steps.

  3. I hope my joking did not come off too strongly. I ike you bunches Mr. Squirrel!

    Yes, I would love to show those [insert worst insulting names you can think of here] what the real America looks like. The one with high poverty brushed under the trash bags, the disgraceful number of elderly, child and animal abuse cases that go unreported or are reported and not investigated until death. All while, the richest of the rich have their Galas and their business meetings and lunches and shopping trips hoping no one disturbs their velvet curtains. If I can shake any of them into reality and some nuts fall out as a result, you can have them. However, suburban WA is a long way from NY.


  4. melanie,
    Of course I knew you were joking. Nevertheless, I plan to find butt armor, just in case.

    Thanks but I am too old to prance around the stage to the screams of young girls. Kind of sad. Actually, kind of depressing that I was never able to prance around a stage to the screams of young girls at any age.

  5. Margaret,
    I don’t suppose I can stop you, so I’ll join you. Mwahahahaha.

    No, I don’t know anything about Kat. I was just assuming that she is enjoying the fall weather. Is there something else other than her less than frequent posting?

  6. I do not think so, that there’s something else. I just wonder: She used to do up to three and four posts a day, and all of a sudden there is nothing. You follow her much longer than I, so you are the only one I can ask – and who could actually know something.

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