French Toast

Even the Band Does the Haka

Well, this is a post on the run.  Having  just recently nervously survived watching the Rugby World Cup final in which the team I was supporting, the New Zealand All Blacks hung on to beat France 8 points to 7 points, I am now at the airport awaiting my flight to Mongolia.

Already the celebrations are going on all over New Zealand and amongst their fans around the world.  Apparently, one newspaper headlines reads, “French Toast”. Hahaha.  Although that is not really fair cause the French team played really well and looked liked they could have stolen the game but the All Blacks will savour the victory even if it is by one point.

All Blacks - Celebrate as World Champions 2011

Observant readers will have noted that the Lone Grey Squirrel is in transit to the land of Genghis Khan where the men are tough, the women tough and the food tougher.  All Blacks beware, there is great potential for a Mongolian rugby team.

Future World Rugby Champions?

12 thoughts on “French Toast”

  1. I am glad the All Blacks won (saw a bit of the match, but it was early in the am!)
    Don’t get trampled on the way to Mongolia.
    And do report back with lots of photos and interesting tales.

  2. Have pictures ready for us when you come back from your adventure. Not sure the Mongolian team will be too successful with their lack of uniforms. They could prove to be very non protective.

  3. Joyce,
    Rugby players pride themselves for risking vital body parts without protection unlike the pansy American Football players.

    I have been warned not to walk the streets of Ulaanbaator late at night cause there will be a high number of those “wrestlers” coming out of the bars.

  4. Wandering Coyote,
    To learn world domination from Genghis Khan – one of the world’s greatest conquerors. Sounds a lot better than saying that I am there on work.

    Riot Kitty,
    Sorry, but I’d rather take pictures of girls in bikinis. But seeing that it is currently below freezing here now, I doubt either of us will get any swimsuit photos.

  5. Secret Agent,

    They drink fermented horse milk, hunt marmots and play with sheep ankle bones. Although some of them now go drinking in bars and dancing at nightclubs.

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