Ulaanbaatar Walkabout

Here is a slice of life from Ulaanbaatar.

The Fashion Savvy Modern UB-ite
Modern UB
World Peace Bell
Let it Toll for Peace
The Lack of Paved Sidewalks
The State Department Store from the Soviet Era
Along One of UB's Main Commercial Streets
A Supermarket in an Outer Suburb
Street Vendor Selling Pine Nuts
The Ger - the Traditional Moveable Home of the Nomads Can Still Be Found in Outer UB


12 thoughts on “Ulaanbaatar Walkabout”

  1. It looks cold – not in an emotional sense, but plain climatic.This is one of the most fab street lamp I ever saw – respect!

  2. Those look like entrails. Thank you for clarifying! Seriously, nice pics. Are you having a good time?

  3. I’ve been in a ger. Not in person but through a TV camera. They seem to know what they are doing in those things. The food even looked good and I don’t like weird food. As far as the missing sidewalks: It’s not just that the sidewalks aren’t there but they picked the ugliest dirt in the world for people to walk about on.

  4. National Geographic did an article on UB a month or so ago. I checked it out on Google Earth and you can see the Gers covering the hills surrounding the city. Great shots. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wandering Coyote,
    Thanks, that was exactly what I was trying to get across……the dichotomies. And it is only going to intensify as they begin to experience their economic boom.

    It was about 5 deg. C during the day and about -8 deg C at night. Interestingly, next to the lamp was a pole with both a small modern windmill and solar panel. I thought that was quite unique too.

  6. Riot Kitty,
    Entrails? Oh, those are for dinner. Pine nuts are more like a mid-day snack. 🙂

    Actually, one of the traditional dishes is called “Boodog” and is mutton that is cut up and together with vegetables is stuffed into the hollow body cavity of a sheep or a marmot and then cooked over hot stones. I think that counts as strange or uncommon food. But you are right about the dirt on the streets. It does seem especially dirty…..even for dirt.

  7. I would like to have a ger. Please send five or six, in fact. Thank you.

    Your photos are wonderful and if I look at them any longer, I will be packing a suitcase. The colors are incredible!

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