Leave it to Beaver?

The Canadian Mosaic - Why Can't We Just Live Together!

I love Canadians.  They seem to have so few problems that the biggest issue that seems to be occupying the country in the last two weeks is the debate – beaver or polar bear?   The beaver was made the national symbol of Canada by the Canadian Parliament in 1975 but the debate was recently ignited after Conservative Senator Nicole Eaton suggested that the beaver be replaced by the polar bear.

Senator Nicole Eaton called the beaver a “19th century has-been,” a “dentally defective rat” and a “toothy tyrant,” among other things, as she argued in October that the polar bear should replace the beaver as Canada’s national emblem.

Of course, many have come to the defence of the beaver.  Ottawa business have even come together to erect a monument to the beaver.  But at least one on-line poll shows support for the polar bear is ahead of that for the beaver.  So which is a better representative for all things Canadian?

The National Post reports;

Among those who preferred the beaver, 26% described it as a “noble animal,” while 18% called it “industrious.” Within the anti-beaver camp, 31% called it “destructive,” while 17% said the beaver was an “outdated symbol” and another 11% felt it was “anti-social.”

Nearly three-quarters of polar bear supporters felt it was a “majestic mammal,” while 4% described the bear as “alarmingly handsome.” Among the anti-bear set, 26% noted its tendency to kill humans, while 21% highlighted the fact that it was endangered. Another 11% noted that unlike the beaver, the polar bear does “not build anything.””

Let’s help them out.  Vote for Canada’s next national symbol in this totally free and democratic process.  Don’t mind me chanting in the background, “greysquirrel…ommmm….greysquirrelgreysquirrel…ommmm….greysqui….”.


21 thoughts on “Leave it to Beaver?”

  1. I live in “the beaver state” with a beaver on its flag. The word “beaver” is even in the name of my town. I’ve had enough beavers to last a lifetime. Take that any way you like 😉

  2. Nice try including yourself in the pole like that! Being a Canadian, I didn’t even know we were having this issue of choosing a mascot or emblem… go figure.

  3. The real reason (although they won’t admit it) that some Canadians don’t want the polar bear is because they hate that U.S.ers think they live on ice in igloos, and polar bears would sort of back that up. I personally don’t get that idea. I always thought the igloos and ice were in Alaska. My first impression of Canadians was of some dorky party animals watching a hockey game, drinking Molson and saying “Great game, eh?” That’s why I voted for toothless hockey player.

  4. Sorry Squirrel though Polar bears are not as gamey as say common gray squirrels are for environmental reasons and destruction of habitat i had to go with Polar bear. I would have gone with toothless hockey player but they went extinct with the advent of the face shield.

  5. Comment by C.E.Murray

    LGS, I am happy to cast the first (and most correct) vote, and I apologize in advance for having written on the same topic in my blog tonight (without first having seen yours, again not to steal your thunder here.) I did however give you a major shout-out and provided a link to your poll so hopefully there will be an underground movement and a groundswell of support to elevate the squirrel’s standing in Canada shortly. Power to the squirrels!!

  6. Riot Kitty,
    Not many towns with the word “beaver” in its name from a state with a beaver on it’s flag. That looks like a nice place to live. And as for me, I can never get enough “beavertails”. Now before you start judging me, look up “BeaverTails” in wikipedia.

    I am not surprised you did not know about the mascot debate. Political friction in Canada wouldn’t even melt snow. Still your vote for the Grey Squirrel candidate would be much appreciated.

  7. geewits,
    If it wasn’t for “grey squirrel”, I would also vote for “toothless hockey player” as the modern symbol of Canada ….the old Lumberjack in red checker shirt being the old symbol.

    But with climate change, the polar bears will be soon extinct. Perhaps the cockroach – symbol of a survivor is the right one going into the 21st Century. I’ll also have you know that unlike the hicks in the USA, Canadians do not normally eat cute tree rodents with bushy tails,

  8. Secret Agent,
    Thank you. I can assure you that once the Grey Squirrel is elected the national symbol, we will make sure that there will be no more time wasted on this subject. Yeah! National Symbol forever!!!

    You crack me up! But I think Poutine is already the national symbol of Quebec!

  9. Mr. Charleston,
    I can’t believe you chose polar bear over having a women’s hockey team named the Beavers. But then I can’t believe you ignored all my hints to vote for Grey Squirrel.

  10. Totally unrelated, sorry, dear Squirrel: But have you any idea about Kat? 10th of October was her last post and you know how prolific she always was posting. I hate the idea that something happened to her or her mum.

  11. If I’m not mistaken I put my thoughts on this a while back, some post you did on the American symbol of the eagle, I believe. I stand by those previous thoughts.

    Your *ahem* impartiality (typed here ironically, just in case you missed it) surprises me. The beaver is far more than an over-sized rodent with a bad dental plan.

    The beaver is a hard worker, a problem solver, an environmentalist (beaver dams increase the biodiversity of any area as well as help preserve salmon runs–where there are salmon that is, as in my home province of BC) and are family-oriented. In addition, they are pretty darn cute, if you turn your head to the left and squint one eye. No, the other eye.

    What do squirrels do besides gossip and forget where their nuts are?

  12. I saw your post while we were gone and just am finally getting around to making a comment and voting. I voted Moose. 😀 I think it’s weird that either the beaver or polar bear would make the symbol for Canada. But that’s me. I’m not a Canadian. And thinking of beavers…I think I saw one while geocaching the other day. Only he was probably freakin’ out that I was so close. I could’ve touched him. So I couldn’t see his tail or teeth. But it had the correct body. And I didn’t touch him. I think that’s mean.

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