Changing of the Guard

Well, first let me thank you guys and gals for taking part in the poll for Canada’s animal symbol a couple of posts ago.  The Grey Squirrel won with 5 votes; the polar bear and the moose had two votes each while the beaver, the Sasquatch and the toothless hockey player each earned a sympathy vote each.  I immediately sent the results to the Canadian Parliament but have so far heard nothing from them.

Now let’s get on with this post.

I have been blogging for just over 5 years now.  This blog like the blogger, is not spring chicken anymore.  Yet for most of that time, my avatar, my public image has been the  image below.

See that youthful face?  Doesn’t that face seem full of youthful curiosity and enthusiasm and perhaps hopeful naivety?   Well, 5 years on, life experiences and recent world history has caused me to lose a lot of that curiosity and enthusiasm.  I’m sorry to say that I have become a little jaded.

As a result, I thought it was time to update my profile image.   I think the image below may be quite appropriate.

Headache, headache, headache, HEADACHE!!!!

15 thoughts on “Changing of the Guard”

  1. mmmm while I understand and empathise with you wanting to change your avatar to the headache image .. I dunno … I still think the original is better … perhaps you (or one of your artistic friends) could use photoshop or some other editor to update the image a bit – you know, like add a few grey hairs, a beard?, zimmer frame? … heh?

  2. Hey LGS, as a fellow member of the “greying guard” I can sympathize and understand completely. But…..wear your grey proudly, let your Avatar be a symbol of pride, do not tuck your head between your paws. 🙂 You are now 5 years older and more sage!

  3. Sasquatch didn’t win? I’m surprised! 😉

    Aww, sorry you have lost some of your enthusiasm, but a “jaded” squirrel is still cute!

  4. Actually that pic looks more like “sad squirrel” than “jaded squirrel.” And that makes sense after the loss of your friend. Do not mistake your blues from your loss with the blues of everything. You still have food and a comfy bed, a loving wife and a close relationship with God. Life is good. Bad things happen. But life is good.

  5. Pearl,
    Indeed, my fellow cynic.

    Thanks to you and OneStonedCrow, I may reconsider my decision. Perhaps not to look too much of a flip – flop, I will stick with the new avatar for awhile before going back to the old one.

  6. Yeah, I can see where the events of the day and the daily dose of “bliss in ignorance” would cause frequent migraines from time to time.

  7. Violetsky,
    Thank you. I think you are right. I may consider putting my old avatar up again, hopefully after Christmas joy wipes off my sour-poop pouting.

    “bliss in ignorance”? Arghhh…..another headache. Thanks for visiting and commenting though. Hope to see you here again.

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