Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Well, the Muppets are back with their new movie, “The Muppets”, which was just released last weekend I believe.  I have seen a number of posts on it in the blogosphere including Riot Kitty who posted a video of the Muppets’ rendition of Queens’ “Bohemian Rhapsody“.  Thank you Riot Kitty.  How could someone not be moved by Animal’s plaintive singing of the lyrics, “Mama…”.

I haven’t seen the new movie but I have fond memories of  the Muppet series especially when it showcased the imagination of Jim Henson and his co-conspirators.  Forget the romantic tension of  moody Bella and cold vampire Edward in the Twilight series.  The on again – off again, will they or won’t they romance between the independent assertive modern Ms. Piggy and the self-effacing every frog, Kermit was far more exciting and funny.  (although the Muppets recently gave a charitable nod  in the direction of Twilight with posters of “Bella Swine” (aka Ms. Piggy) and “Vamphibian” (aka. Kermit).

Kermit’s famous song, “It’s not easy being green” was very influential in my life and was one of my theme songs during my periods of deep funk and of course I always felt better after singing it.  But today, I wanted to highlight another Muppet song that has stuck with me all these years even though I only saw it once.  It’s amazing what the mind retains.

Anyway, here is the Muppets’ cover of the Louis Jordan song from 1946, “Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens”.  It still cracks me up now.  Enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

13 thoughts on “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens”

  1. I am not a fan of Disney, but I saw this movie last night and it is wonderful. There were more adults than kids there. I really think they should bring the show back on television in reruns – it has been far too long. Kermit has been doing the talk show circuit for the past couple of weeks, man is that guy quick off the mark and funny!

  2. I saw your new profile picture and wondered until I read your previous post, and understood, a little. I am in constant search for the perfect profile picture, I want to show a face, but I do not want to be recognised. Imagine that dilemma.

    I’ll watch the Muppets sometime when it comes on tv. I did not think I would like the Twilight saga but found its powers very perpetrating.

  3. I love the Muppet Twilight posters! And I agree, Muppets are so much more intelligent. The next time I get down, I will sing the green song and think of you 🙂

  4. Mark,
    There’s still hope in the heart if you can still appreciate the joy that is The Muppets.

    Interesting that there were more adults than kids at the movies when you went. Probably all those adults are feeding their inner child.

  5. Evalinn,
    I think Cookie Monster is the same in any language! 🙂 Mmmmm……need cookie now.

    Another blogger I know, takes photos of herself in the mirror in such a way that the camera blocks most of her face thereby allowing a face to be partly shown but not recognisable.

  6. Secret agent,
    I’m not really promoting the new Muppet movie as much as wallowing in nostalgia on the impact it had on my younger life. I know, I know…… they’re only puppets but I learned a lot of life’s lessons from the likes of Kermit.

  7. I just watched “The Muppets” today and I *loved* it! Jason Segel and Amy Adams did such an amazing job! Then there was the muppets! It made me ecstatic seeing them all together again. Me and my parents laughed heartily through the whole movie! I just wish there was more Beaker. 🙂

  8. “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens” – yeah, the title says it all, in more than one way. I love the Muppets, despite I never saw one of the films, only the early evening programs in the tv. Stadler&Waldorff, the Danish Chef, The Band … they All are great characters!

  9. Moshe,
    Glad that you enjoyed the movie and always good to meet someone with a youthful heart.

    You always have so many interesting songs from those early years on your blog.I hope you like this song from 1946. Apart from Kermit, it’s gotta be Animal for me.

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