Cushions and Naked Ducks

My wife and I have been looking around for some cushions for our sofa.  Yesterday, we happen to walk by “Shop Super Snooty Swanky” and decided to go in and see what we could find.  The place was indeed full of attractive furniture and fittings, like something out of a top end design magazine, but the prices were quite astronomical and somewhat skewed in my opinion.

For example, there was this fantastic brass spotlight on an ornate an polished brass stand – the kind of toy you might see in the garden of  a Hollywood mansion and used to throw light on Hollywood luminaries as they party the night away.  What might be the price of this work of art?  It only had a mere USD 2,500 price tag.   Yet  next we saw a single rather gaudy wooden chair which cost USD 3,000.  Hmmmm.  Don’t understand this.

Anyway, we were walking around when suddenly this rather refined woman let out a loud squeal.  We turned around in surprise and saw this woman waving a cushion around and doing a little happy dance.  With a strong British aristocratic accent (only she wasn’t even British), she explained, “I just found this wonderful cushion.  It’s filled with duck down feathers and at only USD 200, it’s a steal.  I can’t believe that yesterday at ‘Shop Not So Glam’, I almost settled for some cushions which cost USD 40.  Thank goodness I didn’t buy any cause for just five times that price, I can now have a duck down feather cushion.  Yay!”

We congratulated the excited woman on her success and then quickly set off to go to “Shop Not So Glam”; all the time thanking her quietly for giving us a tip as to where to get our cushions.  When we got there, we found that they were even having a sale and we finally went home with armfuls of cushions which cost us USD 10 each.  Just imagine, we could have bought 20 cushions for the same price as that one duck down feather cushion, although I would not know what to do with 20 cushions.

A case of one woman’s discards is another squirrel’s treasure?


21 thoughts on “Cushions and Naked Ducks”

  1. Glad you are leaving the ducks alone. The price of things now is just wrong. I enjoy looking but not buying. Second hand stores are my favorite.

  2. My brain is hard wired to set a maximum amount I will spend on anything and a $10 cushion sounds about right to me. And I wouldn’t want feathers in a cushion anyway. Good choice, LGS!

  3. Something sounds very wrong if a person is squealing with delight ’cause they’re paying five times the price for something.

  4. I don’t understand the appeal of down cushions – they just get flat as soon as you lean back on them.

    But, it is fun to watch people spending lots of money on something you never would.

  5. emerrube,
    I was thinking that it would be far more economical to buy a dozen ducks, pluck the feathers, stuff a pillow and have at least 12 roast duck dinners.

    Sometimes one can find treasures with real character at a second hand shop.

  6. geewits,
    Many in Malaysia seem struck by runaway consumerism and willing to pay ridiculous amounts for things. The other one that shocks me is a rubbish bin that costs USD 350. Shocking.

    Yes, I can’t understand it either. I only squeal for bacon or good BBQ ribs.

  7. geewits,
    We are fortunate that typhoons normally blow by to the north of us, although with climate change that may change. But even though we don’t get the full brunt of those storms, we do get very heavy rain and have been suffering flooding too but not as violently as what happened in the Philippines. In our case, it is mostly property damage and few deaths, if any.

    It was fun watching her squeal and do the victory dance. It was free entertainment.

  8. Dude just buy lawn chairs for the inside of your habitat, they are inexpensive, comfortable and when your bottom breaks the webbing you can repair them. The only problem is the scratches on the wooden floor.

  9. philosophermouse,
    The ducks are keeping quiet but I think they are developing “bird flu” in retaliation.

    Thank goodness for such funny incidents. Otherwise shopping would be torture.

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