Happy New Year, Dude!

Have a Great New Year Celebration! But Remember to Play Safe!


As we say goodbye to a tumultuous 2011, I thought I would look back at the year that was………..

January – The year touched the ground running with a medical emergency involving a neighbor’s aunt and my wife and I had to call for an ambulance and escorted her to the hospital.  I was also traveling a lot but got to see the orang utans and sun bears at Sepilok in East Malaysia (Old Man of the Forest)

February – Nothing much happened in my own life but the world was ablaze with unrest.  I watched on TV the Arab Spring unfold from Tunisia into Libya and Egypt and on to Yemen and Syria.  There were also reports of religious intolerance in my part of the world. In a word, “turmoil”. (Say No to Intolerance)

March – I was traveling again and this time I got to see the awesome world’s largest cave system at the World Heritage Site of Mulu National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia.  But the world continued to moan under the throes of natural and man-made suffering with the great Tsunami of 2011 in Japan and the abuses against women, religious freedom and the silencing of political voices through assassination in Pakistan. I wept. (Fallen Knights)

April – This month passed quickly as I was busy with work as well as all kinds of activities from helping others attend to legal and medical issues.  Busy and not a lot of fun. (Bummed Out)

May – I took a breather in May and had time to reflect a bit on life and where I wanted to be headed in the future. (Hard Labour)

June – I managed fulfill one of my new year resolutions by getting involved with speaking at a Christian Youth Camp.  It was a good experience but I was reminded about how little I knew about “teen speak” nowadays.  That was humbling. (Teen Speak)

July – Another black month.  The world was stunned by the deaths of so many, especially young people, by the hands of a mad man in Norway.  Nearer home, I attended the funeral rites for a close family friend whose daughter passed away at the age of forty from leukemia, leaving behind a young son.  (The Other Side of the Tracks)

August – I started the month in a funk due to the terrible things that happened in July but I slowly regained my appreciation of the positive potential of the human spirit and ended the month with a trip to Singapore where I got heat stroke while wandering around the tropical island.  The spirit may be willing but this old squirrel flesh is getting weak. (Mad Dogs and Sun Stoked Squirrels)

September – Stop everything! It’s the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.  This squirrel was glued to his chair in front of the TV watching rugby for the next 5 weeks.  I even grew a year older in that chair. (1962 & the 49’er)

October – What a month! First the All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup – always a good omen that all is well in the world.  Later in the month, I was myself surprised to find myself in Mongolia.  I would never have imagined finding myself there in a thousand years.  A very wonderful experience.  (Heroes of Sukhbaatar Square)

November – Another black month.  The main event was the shocking and sudden death of an amazing man who had an impact on so many lives and he was a dear friend.  (Life and Legacy)

December – Even from the ashes of tragedy and sadness, life finds a way to keep going and with time happiness can return.  I had the joy of seeing this in the life of one of my widower friend who has found a new love to share his life with. (Two Funerals Past and a Wedding Soon)


17 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Dude!”

  1. Happy and Blessed New Year. I am looking to 2012 with hope and prayers. I will not make resolutions but will go with the flow. I guess it is age.

  2. Happy New Year, Brother LGS. Thanks for your continued friendship and incredible support over the years! It’s been a bit of a wacky pleasure having you around!

  3. What an interesting year that was with so many sad things let’s hope 2012 brings better days. Although there will always be dark days. About travelling. We just made a plan with my brother to meet each other in our second next trip ………..ruffle ruffle in Malaysia. Don’t worry dear LGS It will be in 2015.

  4. Joyce,
    A blessed and joyful new year to you too. Have a great 2012.

    All we can do is hope for the best but be ready for the worst. Certainly, a lot of problems will continue into the new year. Still I wish you blessings and joy for 2012.

  5. Riot Kitty,
    I do wish you a better year in 2012.

    Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy your insights and even your rants but may we both have more things to rejoice about in the coming year.

  6. Marja,
    Do let me know when you are in Malaysia. I can certainly be of assistance in Kuala Lumpur. Don’t forget to let me know in 2015. I wish you a great 2012. I heard that you have had more earthquakes today. I hope that there will be no more in the coming year.

  7. Ja, what a year. It had a bad surprise for me in the very last week, when a friend of my father died. I felt very conected to him, he was a kind of second father for me when I was a child. And he saved my life when I was nearly drowning in a creek. I helped to bury him on the 30th of December. I wish there would we one year now without me going to the cemetery.
    I thank you for the good wishes you left on my blog, and wish all the best for You and Your family in the coming New Year! I hope you stay healthy, LGS, we are no young men anymore.

  8. Mago,
    I am so sorry for your loss. Such a man clearly had a large impact on your life and those of many others. I am sure he would have been very pleased that you were there to help at the funeral. Still I do wish for us both to have a year free from having to visit the cemetery. Thanks for your continued warm friendship and also for reminding me that we are no longer spring chickens! 🙂

    Secret agent,
    I was also enjoying reading your recaps. May you find joy in every aspect of your life in 2012.

  9. Sounds like quite the year of ups and downs! My condolences for
    the loss of your dear friend, that is so sad.

    But I hope you have more ups in 2012! 🙂

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