Dear Miriam

I am a bit busy these few days so I had no time for an original post.  However, to thank you for dropping by, I have for your amusement, a small newspaper cutting that I have previously posted but I like it very much and I think it is worth re-posting.

I think Miriam may be a man. Don’t cha think?


23 thoughts on “Dear Miriam”

  1. I think Miriam’s advice is very practical and pertinent! That woman needs a car in good working order so she can pack her bags, climb into a car that works and has a full tank of gas and get the hell out of Dodge!

    And yes….I think Miriam might well be a man!

  2. Translation: The husbands fuel line might be congested with emotional debris after only six months out of a job. If thats clear, try playing with his “happy clips” or try a good shag to vacuum out the manifold. If that doesn’t work, his fuel pump might be faulty. (P.S. You can contact me after hours at miriam@hothunks dotcom.)

  3. I agree with Molly. ” Sneaky Petes” don’t deserve a wife that goes out to work and provides clothes for a cross dresser. Car needs fixing right away so it is “Bye Bye!”
    Yes, I think it was a man that answer the question because he couldn’t handle the big question.

  4. And Mrs. B. surely expected an elderly lady with a cup of tea in front of her, contemplating her strange fate – haha, and this is what she got. OF COURSE a man! I read it to my husband, and he chuckled, too. Good post, tehee.

  5. Joyce,
    Wow! You ladies are quite harsh on the guy. Maybe he’s just misunderstood. (squirrel ducks to avoid missiles thrown at him). 🙂

    Riot Kitty,
    Miriam is in reality probably a sad guy named Bob.

  6. dear LGS – this is so funny and awful! i have visited your blog before and enjoyed it but have only just found the place to leave a comment!

  7. The car conking out at that point in time may have been a message from the universe saying that she needed to get back home, to spend some quality time with her husband. But why the sudden ultimatum to put the poor guy up against the wall like that. If she really loved him she could have shown him a little more caring and understanding, heck, it might have been the perfect occasion for some kinkily wonderful sex with him… it could be that if he is cross dressing, he may be secretly wanting to have a lesbian relationship with her… ? Ok, that’s getting a bit complex there, sorry… 🙂 Was just sort of thinking out loud. But basically I think that’s what Miriam was telling her… that it wasn’t such a big deal, whereas not having a car in working order can be a real problem…

  8. val,
    Glad you managed to find the comments section. I know it can be a bit confusing with all the different blog templates. Glad you enjoyed the post. see you around here.

    I’d reply on your comment except that after reading what all the women bloggers’ comment, I think I will lie low and avoid any thrown projectiles.

  9. oceangirl directed me over here. I’m glad she did. This very funny. I guess the reason she thought I should read this is I’m collecting funny posts over at A Few Clowns Short. Please link this up and share the laugh.

  10. Owen is safe. I am too old to do anything but play nice. But having been a widow for over 45 years I do get a little irritated by male T overload.

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