Enter the Dragons

Well, after a relatively good year in 2010 courtesy of us tigers (secret agent woman and I say “You’re welcome!”), 2011 has been a humdinger of a bad year for many.  There were so many tragic incidences that I don’t even want to mention again.  Don’t say that secret agent woman and I didn’t warn you about those silly rabbits running the year (Beware the Year of the Rabbit) or should I say “ruining” the year.

Well, now it is the Year of the Dragon.  Now what kind of year is a year run by dragons?  My mother-in-law is a dragon and my wife reads this blog, so what is a squirrel under duress to say?  It will be a GREAT year!

While by now most regular readers will know from the posts on this blog that rabbits are evil, most of you probably think that dragons are mythical creatures and don’t exist and that’s exactly what those sneaky, crafty dragons want you to think.

In Chinese tradition, the dragon is a symbol of potent and auspicious power.  Hence  many Chinese Emperors used a dragon as their personal emblem.  For example, both the Qin and Zhou dynasty emperors were always represented as 5-clawed dragons.  More recently, the famed martial arts exponent, Bruce Lee, was also compared with the dragon.  Hence his big breakthrough movie in 1973 was called “Enter the Dragon“.

So dragons typically are big movers and shakers but they like to carry out their activities and plans covertly and out of sight.  So expect big things to happen in 2012.  But unlike evil rabbits, dragons can be both good or bad.  If they are good, they do great good but unfortunately, if they are bad then they are bad to the bone.  So we can expect the two extremes this year.  Get ready for a roller-coaster year.

Now while many of us are unaware that dragons exist and walk amongst us in disguise, there are ways of spotting them.  Bosses that breathe fire are probably dragons.  Cold blooded reptilian-like dowagers are another giveaway.  Take your time and you can begin to see through the mystical veil and see the dragons in their true form.

Take a close look at politicians.  They share many characteristics with dragons; they have a lot of hot air, thick hides which are impervious to barbs thrown at them and they speak with forked-tongues.  Finally, many dragons tend to keep names that have an association with their reptilian nature.  I’m not implying anything  but I have always thought that U.S. Republican presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, has a rather odd name!  Newts are a type of aquatic salamander and in folklore, salamanders are believed to be born from fire and there is even a species called a fire salamander.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Spot the Power-crazed Dragons in Our Midst*

*in case dear reader, you are not familiar to what the picture is referring to, Newt Gingrich made a proposal to sack all inner city school janitors and to pay school children to replace them.

For this reason alone, vote Obama. Or at the very least…….don’t vote Newt!  Please!


12 thoughts on “Enter the Dragons”

  1. My personal theory on the myth of dragons is that ancient peoples found dinosaur bones. But I like dragons, the creatures I mean. Looking forward to meeting Smaug in December. And on the political side, the republicans’ offerings are so meager, I think Obama has a good shot. (Hey! Did you just call your MIL a cold blooded reptilian-like dowager?)

  2. What was the matter with 19th and early 20th century America where children didn’t need to go to school, or clean them? When the average wage was less than a dollar a day? When everyone new(t) their place and made no bones about or tried to waffle on it. “I’m richer than Midas and you’re not. No you can not have the scraps from my garbage bin, but you can empty my slops jar and have anything from it you want.”

    America has two many laws on the books now,if we would just stick to two the rest can be erased.

    Gnewts AmerKKKa

    1: If you make more than 1 million a year people have to step off the sidewalk to let you pass because you are in a hurry to make more by stealing it from them standing idly in the street while you’re passing.

    2: Everyone else sit down, shut up, do as your told, and try to die before you’re 50.

  3. I can’t figure out how furry little bunnies who like nothing more than to eat and procreate are evil and big, bad, fire-breathing dragons are good. I think maybe the Chinese have their Yings and Yangs mixed up.

  4. Newt Gingrich is an idiot. I, however, am a dragon, so this is suppose to mean a good year for me!

  5. I can understand a dragon since he or she is an animal but politicians are beyond my understanding. We need to be more like the dragons and fight for what is right. But the year of the dragon should be safe for you,because with all that fire and smoke it won’t see a squirrel.

  6. geewits,
    “Hey! Did you just call your MIL a cold blooded reptilian-like dowager?” – Uh, no. No. Most certainly no! I was misquoted (hides head in paws as in avatar image). Uh, let’s change the subject – Uh, its a long time till December and Smaug.

    I’m kinda old fashion on this. I do believe that the U.S. has too many laws, too many vested interests, too many lobbyists, has gone through too much liberal intellectualism and is too much into worshiping on the altar of rampant capitalism and consumerism. It has lost sight of civility, common sense and lost its moral compass. Sorry if I sound harsh but for a country that sees itself as a champion of democracy and equality (life, liberty and freedom), it needs to wake up to the fact that it has fallen from the ideal. I know that you are very passionate about Detroit and the U.S. and I wish that you will see better things in 2012 and beyond. But pleeeeaze let it be a future with no Newt in the White House.

  7. Mr. Charleston,
    !!!! Did you not read my post “https://lgsquirrel.wordpress.com/2011/02/02/beware-the-year-of-the-rabbit/”? I demonstrated the evilness of Rabbits quite comprehensively there.

    I’m not really into politics all that much. Most politicians are just too much of the sweet-talking two-faced self-serving variety and it makes my stomach turn. However I guess my own thoughts would be considered left of centre but ……… we can still be friends 🙂 Haha.

    I gotta ask though, why is Newt getting so much support in certain sections of the country, especially it seems from the “Evangelical Christian” caucus when he has shown himself to be a compassion-less hypocrite many times before?

  8. Riot Kitty,
    A kitty armed with a sub-machine gun and with illusions of being a dragon? No one will dare stand in your way this year!

    Dragons are noble; politicians not so much. Luckily, dragons have bigger prey in mind rather than a humble squirrel.

  9. LGS…I know you are fluent in English, I am wondering though if there is some way I am not communicating how I feel about this America right now? Everything you said about this place i have for at least five years been trying to get people to understand that we are not what the great leaders tell (lie) us we are. How it is our love of stuff that dug the hole and the wealthier amongst us rampant greed that covered us up in it. I see only two things for 2012, abject monetary slavery to the various governments (local, state, federal) or great upheaval and turmoil.

    If it will change things then i am all in on the latter and never would even have my seat at the table for the former.

    This is not the America i enlisted in the military for, or went to sea for or spent 4 or so years walking around and meeting and talking to people in. This is a land of opportunity for only two types of people, them that are already rich as hell and them that innovate.

  10. Mark,
    I think we are on the same page. For me, you have been like a prophet shouting out warnings in the wilderness but it would seem that much of America has shut their eyes and covered their ears.

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