Batman and the Sudan

George Clooney is very popular with the ladies.  He has a boyish charm and handsome features.  And he is extremely popular with the ladies.  That alone is sufficient reason for me to dislike him.

But I have to say that I was impressed when I heard the news that he was arrested yesterday while protesting outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington D.C.  Maybe “Gorgeous George” is more than a pretty face.

One of Mr. Clooney’s more forgettable performances on the silver screen was as Batman in the 1997 movie, “Batman and Robin“.  But it would seem some of the mystique and persona of the Dark Knight of Gotham has rubbed off on him.  Like the Dark Knight, George does not hesitate to stand against the darkness and to stand up for what is right.

George Clooney was protesting against the actions of the Sudanese government carrying out attacks and killing their own people in the southern regions of the country and also preventing humanitarian aid from reaching the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile Regions.  The government appears to be trying to intimidate the local populations, which are of different ethnic and religious backgrounds from the ruling northern elite,  into abandoning the oil rich areas.

While the world is appalled by what is happening in Syria and is focused there, and rightly so, unfortunately the criminal actions against humanity in Southern Sudan has fallen from view.  Yet the tragedy there is already far greater than what is happening in Syria and is only expected to get worse.  The UN estimates 300,000 killed and 2.7 million displaced since 2003.

The world needs to do more for the people of Sudan in providing aid and to pressure the government in Khartoum to stop their savage and inhumane actions against its own citizens.

And George Clooney’s interest and activism on behalf of the people of Sudan is no flash in the pan or celebrity whim.  He really understands the situation and has invested much to the cause over a long period of time and has even made clandestine visits to the region and has even witnessed an attack.

George, thank you for standing up and doing what you can.  Thank you for doing so when it could be so convenient and easy to just forget it all and enjoy your fame and fortune.  Thank you for being a good man.  I might even get over the fact of your popularity with the ladies.  I’m not sure if that is possible but I’ll try.

George also spoke to President Obama about the Sudan situation a day before his arrest.  If you are moved by the plight of the poor and persecuted in southern Sudan, follow George Clooney’s example and pressure your government  through your representatives to not let the killing continue unchallenged.

To read more, go here – Amnesty International.

6 thoughts on “Batman and the Sudan”

  1. There are so many atrocious acts committed by governments that my government doesn’t really pay attention to, because there’s no oil there, which just makes me sick. Good for him!

  2. If this were almost any other actor, I might be a lot more cynical about the publicity garnered over the arrest. Unfortunately, for many people they will remember this scene over the scene of the Sudanese peoples. Then again, were it almost any other actor, even the arrest might not have made front page news.
    (the headline on one of our local papers “Sir, you have the right to remain handsome”)

  3. Riot Kitty,
    Strangely, there is oil in Sudan but the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir seems untouchable – for whatever reasons, many of his fellow Arab and African leaders refuse to condemn him. That’s why we need pressure from the rest of the world and yes, good going, George.

    Mr. Charleston,
    He is so likeable, isn’t he? And so talented. It just isn’t fair.

  4. oceangirl,
    Indeed he was arrested by his own police for not following an order to disperse and crossing onto the Sudanese Embassy grounds.

    I agree with you (plus his handsomeness is a distraction in itself). But I guess every little bit helps and I am glad we have a celebrity with this kind of heart for the peoples of the world.

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