Getting High on Sci-fi

I am a big fan of the science fiction genre and it seems I have been breathing sci-fi these last few days. Definitely overdosing on a sci-fi high.



This afternoon, I went to watch the movie “Prometheus”.   This was a movie that had me shivering with anticipation.  In 1979, Ridley Scott gave us the first Alien movie which was a masterpiece of tension-building and directorial economy.   The next movie, “Aliens” was also a masterpiece but a completely different animal – it was more of a war movie.  The later movies in the series, all by different directors, were  a long fall from the standard established by the first two movies.  But how would Ridley Scott revisit this franchise after 33 years and how would he handle this prequel?

Well, he did great.  The storyline does develop the overall story-verse further and in a rather imaginative and different way than the earlier movies.  He was also able to keep it fresh even though he had to follow some concepts already well known to fans of the series.  It did not disappoint although, in my opinion, it still did not come close to the excellence of Alien and Aliens.

Yesterday, I noted that Ray Bradbury passed away at the age of 91.  Ray Bradbury was a science fiction, fantasy and horror story writer and it was reading his stories when I was a youth that got me started with my fascination with science fiction.  I was particularly enthralled by “The Martian Chronicles” and by the short story “All Summer in a Day“.  Reading the many tributes to him in the media, many famous authors also shared that he had been a major influence on their writing.  Certainly, his stories will continue to inspire many others.

Finally, the day before, the British magazine SFX published the results of a poll they carried out.  More than 10,000 sci-fi fans voted to determine the Top 100  science fiction, fantasy and horror movies of all time.  I was pretty pleased that most of my favorite movies of the genre also did well on the poll.

Below are my choice of top 10 movies of the genre.  The equivalent ranking in the SFX poll is given in brackets.

  1. Blade Runner (1)
  2. Aliens (3)
  3. Star Wars: A New Hope (4)
  4. The Thing (17)
  5. Serenity (7)
  6. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (2)
  7. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (5)
  8. The Fifth Element (15)
  9. Alien (8)
  10. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (12)

In the SFX poll, 6th place was “The Matrix”, 9th place was “Back to the Future” and 10th place was “The Dark Knight”.

What are your favorites?


15 thoughts on “Getting High on Sci-fi”

  1. I love Star Wars and Star Trek, although I don’t consider myself a traditional science fiction fan. I just like monsters from outer space 😉

  2. Well, here I am a not knowing or caring person. Flash Gordon and i Star Trek movie I could comment on. Too old for this.

  3. I went to see Prometheus with my brother the other day. It certainly was intense! I thought it had some really beautiful scenery too. I agree that it isn’t as revolutionary as Alien and Alien 2. But perhaps Ridley Scott is just warming up. There are certainly open doors for more development.

    I really liked the Aliens vs Predator movie. That was surprisingly fun! It would be on my list along with Independence Day.

  4. Mine may be more than 10, here goes:
    1. Star Wars: A New Hope
    2: Star Wars: Return of The Jedi
    3. Lord of The Rings 1
    4. Lord of The Rings 2
    5. Lord of the Rings 3
    6. Planet of The Apes (1968)
    7. John Carpenter’s The Thing
    8. The Fifth Element
    9. Alien
    10. Serenity
    11. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    12. The Terminator
    13: Blade Runner
    14. Total Recall (1990)
    15. E,T.

    I can’t believe The Thing was #17 on that list. That’s just silly.
    You may notice I did not include Aliens and <emThe Empire Strikes Back. I believe those two movies appeal more to men than women. I know they are two of my husband’s favorites.
    I also have to give Honorable Mention to the animated Heavy Metal.
    Your list was good.

  5. Sincerity,
    I agree and I would certainly go see Prometheus II or whatever with anticipation of more story development by Ridley Scott (come to think of it, has there been a movie by him that I didn’t like?). Aliens & Predator is just a blood and gore slash fest though. Entertaining possibly but ultimately not in the same league.

  6. geewits,
    Love your list. Planet of the Apes, absolutely! Had chills in that final scene and realisation what planet it really was. Total Recall is also high on my list. I know what you mean about Aliens and Empire Strikes Back as more appealing for men but I would have thought Independence Day would also belong to that group …… well, perhaps, except for Will Smith’s fun performance. But I think we are generally on the same sci-fi wavelength. High five!

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