Nuts on Wheels

Batman has the Batmobile.  It is only fitting that the Lone Grey Squirrel has some hot wheels too.  Many thanks to Susan (Guilty with an Explanation) for sending these photos of the “Squirrel Cruiser” which was spotted in San Francisco.

While I am happy that these photos prove that I am not the only nut out there with a squirrel obsession, but dude/dudette, did the car have to be “pink”?



20 thoughts on “Nuts on Wheels”

  1. Riot Kitty,
    In real life, my car is very plain indeed. No additions. No bumper stickers. No dashboard toys. Nada. In fact, instead of adding anything, my car has less – one of the numbers on my license plate has dropped off!

  2. That whole car just isn’t right…people around here would use it for target practice, trying to shoot a squirrel on the move. It’d be just too tempting to not to.

  3. Pink and gray anything is from the past. Stay safe and drive a plain car like you are, but protect your numbers so something else doesn’t fall off.

  4. it’s not all pink. 🙂 I see red, orange, blue, purple, and yellow. not to mention the fun blue flowers. “hey look at me!!”

  5. What a fantastic auto! Though I agree with you, the “Eastern Pink Squirrel,” or even the “Western Pink Squirrel,” just doesn’t have the same cachet to it. But a car like this is one-of-a-kind and probably gets pretty decent mileage. The transmission has “PAW ON THE FLOOR.”

  6. found this through a comment on Evil Squirrel’s Nest’s blog with a picture of this car. thanks for sharing the link so I could see more of it : ) It’s pretty cool looking for what it is : )

  7. Dogfordavid,
    Thanks for coming by. I wish you all the best with your mission for getting a dog for David. I volunteer at a daycare which includes a few children with learning disabilities including one child that is autistic. May you succeed in your mission and be blessed with joy and love along the way.

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