Not Even a Year has Passed

It wasn’t even quite a year since “Hell Came to Norway” and we mourned for the youth slained at Utoya and those murdered in Oslo, Norway.   Before we had even the opportunity to remember the victims on the first anniversary of that attack,  a new tragedy of the same ilk has stricken the small community of Aurora, Colorado.

I noticed that among all the blogs that I normally visit, only two mentioned this incident and only one had a specific post on it.  I think many of us are becoming numb to the increased frequency and atrocity levels of these incidents.  I was away for the weekend at a friend’s wedding and I wanted so much to shut out all the bad news and I didn’t even feel like posting anything on it.

But in the end, I could not allow myself to let it pass unmarked.  The victims and their families need our prayers and support.  Those who lost their lives deserve to be remembered, to be celebrated and to be mourned.  All of us need to be healed.

The picture at the top of this post is of the memorial service held by friends of one of the victims,  AJ Boik. (Photocredit: Reuters).  I think the picture points us in the right direction by focusing on celebrating the many beautiful lives that have been affected and celebrating that beauty; instead of giving the gunman the attention that he might crave.

Finally, I just want to repeat the prayer I made a year ago and extend it for the newly fallen in Aurora, Colorado.


O Lord, over the nations now
Where is the dove of peace?
Her wings are broken
O Lord, while precious children starve
The tools of war increase
Their bread is stolen

O Lord, dark powers are poised to flood
Our streets with hate and fear
We must awaken!
O Lord, let love reclaim the lives
That sin would sweep away
And let Your kingdom come
(lyrics from the song, "O Lord the clouds are gathering" by Graham Kendrick)

12 thoughts on “Not Even a Year has Passed”

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by the victems of this terrible incedent. It is just unbelievable how such things can happen

  2. I don’t post about things like the shooting in Colorado not because I’m numb to it but because the horror of these events (and ones like the previous post) just overwhelm me. They are the stuff of my nightmares and I so I quietly grieve for the victims and their families, but have nothing coherent to say about them. I deliberately don’t read the news stories or engage in the conversations around me because it’s already hovering like a black cloud in my heart. I’m afraid that if I do think for too long I will become paralyzed and I have to move around in the world. And more tot he point, I have to not engage too deeply because my children are out moving around in the world. I have to not think that whenever they are in an airport or a movie theater or even their school, they might not come back out of it.

  3. I am absolutely numb to it Calvin. That same day two dismembered bodies were found in a public park, 14 people were shot and 2 killed both under 20, the day before an 8 year old and a 12 year old dead and the day after 9 shot in two different incidents 1–9 dead by suicide. That was just in Detroit which has now reduced its law enforcement force to less than 2500 to cover 713,000 people and 136 square miles. We have averaged more than 1 murder a day in 2012 which as astounding as that seems it still is not on track to approach the record in 1974 when it hit 734 for the year.

    I can empathize with the terror of them in that theater and those left alive and even the families of the dead but the action itself i have time worn out ambivalence about.

    Life just does not mean the same as it once did prior to say 1963 when X was assassinated, and the others who died after that may have made a difference in American history.

  4. Thank you for directing attention to the life of the victims. The world is certainly becoming more violent as each day goes by. The frequency of events seems to be speeding up and I truly wonder how much worse things will get before God intervenes.
    My heart bleeds for the victims, their family and friends. Their pain is unimaginable. I’ll keep praying for everyone directly impacted.
    Everyday, every moment we have is a gift. And we tend to live as if we have tomorrow. The truth is that none of us know that for sure. And I think as uncomfortable as it can be to think about the possibility of death, it is healthy and good to ponder on it from time-to-time. Life is fragile. Life is short. Make it count!

  5. At my age I have seen or heard of many such events. I am sadden by them but I realize there is evil in this world. We need to pray that people will come to the Lord. For the victims and their families I pray for God’s peace and comfort.

  6. I’m not numb to these things. My daughter lives 50 miles from there and is a regular attendee of those type of midnight movie showings. She and I have have had many conversations about this event. My blog is not meant to be a news feed or a commentary of the daily news. My blog serves a particular purpose for myself. It is not about the hard issues. I prefer to discuss the hard issues with those closest to me.

  7. I have had trouble sleeping. I’m not numb, just realized I’d get too upset writing about it. I am horrified that people have legal access to what are really weapons of mass destruction.

  8. I don’t write about anything on the news on my blog. I see my blog about being about John and I and what is going on with us.

    I think sometimes this stuff feels rather surreal. Like…that really happened? It’s not a movie? It’s not some reality TV stunt? But yeah, it really happened, and I can’t even begin to imagine the pain some of these people are experiencing. It’s hard to read or hear the news anymore because there is so much death and horrible things happening. And if I let my imagination run wild from stuff I’ve read about the Holocaust and other horrid events I can see it all still happening and wonder what we don’t even hear about. It’s a messed up world. 😦

  9. Hi everyone.
    Thanks for your comments. Sorry, if I seemed to imply that every one getting numbed to the violence as the main reason many did not post about it. As you all pointed out, the reasons are many. Even in my case, my initial reluctance to post about it was not numbness but more accurately can be described as a means of shutting it out from my world.

    And Joyce, I am fine thanks.

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