Hi Guys and Gals,
I know I have been neglecting this blog and I am sorry about that. But am rather busy packing up and moving house. The house that I have been staying in is falling apart. The plumbing makes a racket but the water only dribbles out in a weak stream. When I shower, I can only wet 10% of my body at a time! The roof, however, seems open to the heavens when it rains and I currently sleep with buckets all round me. The ceiling fan ( a real boon in the hot humid tropics) has given up the ghost! The wooden flooring is all coming loose causing stubbed toes to be a common ailment! Etc. etc. etc.

Some might say that this is only to be expected from an old house but I blame the gremlins …….or maybe stupid, stupid rat creatures!

Anyway, gotta pack up and move to a tiny apartment in the next two weeks. The workmen then come in to do damage to my wallet and hopefully we get to move back in about 5 months.

I will try to get back to blogging in a month’s time but until then, I will try to come by to visit all of you.


23 thoughts on “Moo-ving!”

  1. Oh Squirrel I DO NOT envy you…but then and again if you add an extra couple of bedrooms for the wife and i and the dogs (don’t worry they would only chase you) we’d be happy to come live with you.

  2. Mobius,
    I am not looking forward to the packing and moving but it is an opportunity to throw away a lot of junk accumulated over the years. However, being a rodent with bushy tail, I am very much a hoarder and pack animal. It’ll be difficult.

  3. Graham,
    I am hoping my home improvement program will be short. I have neither the skill or stamina to do what you are doing……long term improvement project. Although I can understand the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that you must feel with your project.

  4. I used to move almost every year – it was great for keeping the clutter down. but now I have been in the same place for 15 years…. you can imagine.
    I sincerely hope it really is only 5 months to get the necessary stuff done.

  5. Sorry to hear this LGS, that’s not a good thing. However, all good squirrels usually DO have two nests – especially the momma squirrels – so don’t despair, you are only doing what is right and proper for squirrels. Hope you get comfy again very soon.

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