Space is Shrinking!

I recently moved from a double-storey terrace house to an apartment.  In doing so, I have reduced my living space by almost 40% to about 1,300 square feet (120 sq metre).  And man, am I feeling “cabin fever”!

I feel like an animal in a small cage, pacing up and down the limits of my prison.  I sit down on my sofa and  the dining table is within reach. Take about 5 steps and you are in the kitchen.  And there is no garden to walk out into.  I am definitely not used to it.  I need space.

This is somehow related to growing old.  Maybe as you grow older, you want to resist your world getting smaller.  In the past, I have lived in much smaller accommodation; especially when I was a cash strapped student.  The smallest was probably my University residence which was about 150 square feet (14 sq metre) with a shared bathroom and kitchen galley elsewhere in the building.  I once shared a house with 3 others and my room was only about 64 square feet (6 sq metre) but it did not feel so bad cause I had the run of the house and there was a nice yard.

But now, I feel suffocated in a 1,300  square foot apartment.  Now there are three of us living here so that means we each get an average living space of  430 sq feet (40 sq metre) which may seem small to me but isn’t from the global viewpoint.  According to a UN report,  65% of the world’s countries have average living spaces of less than 20 sq metre per person.  So I have twice the space of those people.

I really can’t imagine sleeping in those Japanese Capsule Hotels where the unit is about 2 m by 1 m. Sheesh! I need space.  I need air! I need the sun!  Ecclesiastes 11 v 7 says “Light is sweet, and it pleases the eyes to see the sun.”  Yes! Give me that and not this………..

This is my anthem; “Don’t Fence Me In”.


18 thoughts on “Space is Shrinking!”

  1. Great post. I agree. I need space and light also. I prefer to NOT live a drawer like some folded clothing. Perfect song and video to go with this. 🙂

  2. Living in a 3 bedroom home by myself on a corner lot I sometimes wish for that fence. I also know that after so much time, I couldn’t live with anyone. Short time visitors are okay but you know the line about fish.

  3. That’s roughly 400 more square feet than my house but i do have a yard so nyah nyah nyah. With a bunch of your brethren who I allow to use it unmolested until things get really bad then they will be ready for the pot.

  4. I’m ready to move to a smaller place. This one is a little under 1600 SF but it will be too much space when I don’t have kids living with me. But I definitely need natural light and the ability to walk around unimpeded. That cube hotel would drive me quickly out of my mind.

  5. I’ve never seen those capsule hotels before…geez. I am claustrophobic a bit and that would be awful. 1,300 SF seems like plenty though. Or do you have really bigb cats? 🙂

  6. SAW,
    It is perfectly logical to move into a smaller space if you are by yourself just because it reduces the cleaning and maintenance chores but I guess I really miss seeing greens. Here, my environment is all man-made.

  7. Mine isn’t so bad…I share a house with my mother, and even though my actual living space is a master bedroom (of sorts), I do have complete run of the house.

    However, that particular housing unit in that photo would definitely make me a full blown claustrophobic.

  8. GB,
    Just the feeling I get from visiting your blog, but I sense you live in the middle of great natural beauty and big skies? All that natural beauty is just outside your front door?

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