White as Snow

I don’t often talk about politics and I don’t usually have much respect for any politicians but I do think that Barack Obama is different from the run of the mill politicians that make people cynical about politics.   I watched with interest the coverage of the American Elections 2012 as it unfolded on CNN and BBC.  In the end, I believe that America chose wisely and kept alive the possibility of something different and something positive.   Please allow me to indulge in celebrating the result with this video which I first saw on the blog of that astute political and social observer and commentator, Mr. Charleston of Termites of Sin.



16 thoughts on “White as Snow”

  1. I have one of those thingies on my blog that sorts my blogroll by most current post. This post of yours was at the very bottom with a date of 5 years ago. I figured I had best check it out. Glad I did. I got to laugh all over again.

  2. Glad to see a little humor concerning this election. It was so negative. I understand that the president is planning to visit your country. I hope we can get some things done but I am not so sure because we had grid lock for so long.

  3. Mr. Charleston,
    Yeah, this sometimes happens when I try to create a “sticky post” which appears as a picture on top of the blog. But anyway, the point was to make you look! Glad you had a good laugh.

  4. My ex had sent this to me, and I sent it out to everyone I know. I thought it was hysterical.

    Your blog is doing weird things in my feed. This post appeared several days ago and I clicked on it in the feed – it took me to a message saying the post had been removed. Yesterday I commented on another post that appeared in your feed (about Portland) – I didn’t notice then that the date was from 20007. Today another batch of ’07 posts showed up! I guess I need to go directly to your blog since Google Reader is leading me astray.

  5. VioletSky,
    It is interesting, isn’t it? I think that for most of the world, Obama is less of the “ugly American” than most of the recent American Presidents – more in step with the rest of the world. But I honestly think he is possibly the best President USA has had for some time. However whether he will deliver on his promise remains to be seen.

  6. I was elated. I am still elated. I can’t imagine having a guy lead the country who really doesn’t have anything he stands for, except making wealth off of the backs of others. And those who blame Obama for the recession should look at the mess we inherited from two wars, a Medicare drug benefit, AND tax cuts.

  7. Hi LGS – I so enjoyed that video! Chris rocks and rocks and rocks!

    I voted early because I would be honeymooning on Election Day. I was having such a good time and having great fortune on the trip ….. that I began to fear that it was all intended to cushion the blow to follow…. that my candidate would not win another term….. but to my great delight! Obama won! Whew, what a relief!

  8. Kat,
    Glad you did your voting duty and I celebrate with you Obama’s victory. May he now succeed in making the changes he promised. But anyway, where did ypu guys go for the honeymoon. Taylor and I would like to know.

  9. Lue,
    Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I still think Obama is a different breed of leader. I admit that there has been some disappointments and not everything has worked out well but I still respect most of what he is trying to do which is not more of the same but a real attempt to make a difference. For me, he is miles better than Bush. He is giving America a chance to be a more peaceful and progressive nation. However, those politicians who are entrenched in the established money politics are fighting hard against change.

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