The Big 5 -Uh Oh!

Judging from the noticeable lack of comments on my previous post and the content of the few comments that were there, the political situation in the USA remains tense and is a topic that is either offensive or uncomfortable with readers.  So I decided that for this post, I should stick with a topic that should be offensive to no one but myself …….. i.e. my recent 50th birthday.

It was actually in September but that was right in the middle of my big house-moving exercise and blog break, so I did not post on it earlier.  Of course, I got my expected portion of “50 year old” gag birthday greetings like “You are now officially an Oldie” or “Don’t worry – once you are over the hill, you pick up speed”.   Sadly, that was about all I got.  Not a single present. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

My wife was trying to plan a surprise party for me with some friends but with all the packing and the rush of moving house, it did not materialize.  I don’t usually celebrate my own birthdays so it was not really missed.  Some say that turning the BIG 50 is an important milestone that should be celebrated but I think they are just hoping for a party and some cake.  Besides, I don’t think of myself as 50 but as 18 with 32 years of experience!



Anyway, to celebrate the additional 32 years of being 18, I tried to trace how my tastes and directions have changed during that time.  As you see, I am still a work in progress and still changing……..



Music: Anne Murray , Clannad , Sinead O’Connor , Billy Joel, Sarah MacLachlan , Shania Twain , Adele , The Black Eyed Peas

Reading:  James Herriot , Ray Bradbury , Douglas Adams , Richard Adams , Sue Townsend , Stephen R. Donaldson , Arthur C. Clarke , Neil Gaiman

Art: Monet , J.M.W. Turner , Klimt , Andrew Wyeth


34 thoughts on “The Big 5 -Uh Oh!”

  1. Congrats on the birthday. You have officially been born into the second half of your century. What a great chart to show your development in tastes, experiences, and ideas. Very cool. May the other squirrels bring you many nuts. 🙂

  2. Happy birthday. You are only 50, when I thought you were much older, what gave me that idea, I do not know. I’ll be 50 soon 🙂 (in a year or two or three or four). The reason for lack of comments I think is because your feed did not reach the reader for update. At least not to mine. And that message to white people is hilarious. I saw it during the election time. Happy 50th birthday again, may all your wishes come true.

  3. First of all, are you okay? Saw report of earthquake this morning. 50 years old and in september and I turned 79. Funny thing happened last night, heard from one of my great grands that he could not believe my age and if right surprised I was still alive.

  4. Lisa,
    Thanks. Will you be letting us know when your 5-uh oh comes round? You thought I was much older? How old exactly? Is it the way I write? Do I write “old”? Old and curious squirrels wanna know.

  5. Joyce,
    Ah….. a penny drops. You have my home confused. I am in Malaysia; not Burma or Myanmar as it is also known. We are close (well within a few hundred kilometers) but not the same. Hence I was not affected by the earthquake nor will I have the pleasure of President Obama’s visit. Both refer to Myanmar and not Malaysia. But thanks for the concern.

    I would never have thought that you are 79; I would have guessed late 60’s. As for your great grand, I assume he is disgustingly young and thinks of anyone above 20 as ancient?

  6. I wished you happy birthday, with no joke about being old! Of course, since I am right there with you, why would I? I like knowing that we were being born on the same day in very different parts of the world.

    18 plus 32 years of experience. I like that. Even at 18 my goal was to be happy. I never cared about wealth or fame. A good mom, a decent psychologist, a loyal friend, a caring lover. I don’t need to be great at anything, I just want to die content. But you know, not any time soon!

  7. I like that extra years of experience… and I still feel much younger than 54.
    interestingly, I don’t think your tastes in music, art and books has changed all that much over the years.

  8. SAW,
    It took me awhile to get there but I agree that the most important thing is to be able to die happy and content. In fact, that is exactly what I say if someone asks me what would I wish for. But I also agree with your caveat…..”not any time soon”.

  9. VioletSky,
    Guilty as charged. I have never developed a taste for more serious literature. I think my music taste has always been primarily with singer songwriters and slightly alternate music. But my taste and appreciation of art did develop over time.

  10. Don’t worry about 50 think more like what iit will be like to be staring 60 in the face…of course you kind of are already so I won’t mention it.

  11. I think it’s great you made it to 18+32. 🙂 John turns 50 in a couple years. Our hope is to celebrate by going to Hawaii…Hawaii 5-0. 😉 John’s humor, but I love it.

  12. Happy belated birthday! I wish I was 50 again – to me now it seems so young, but as they say years do not matter it’s just what is in your heart… I think the elections here in the US were terrific and am happy that the country is getting more diverse and tolerant.

  13. A very Happy belated 50th b-day!

    I’m not that far behind (47 1/2) but I’m still approaching it with some trepidation. Fascinating chart you have listing how all the various key components in your life had changed.

  14. Sorry I’m late to this party Squirrel. Happy Birthday. I believe had you added a column for 12-18 you would have seen many of the same goals as 18 + 32 yrs.

  15. Happy Birthday Mr. LGS! You have a life rich with experience and love and getting richer. 🙂

    I finally had time to catch up on your recent posts. The situation in the US is tense, unfortunately. Several states (20 so far) are asking the government to let them secede from the union. Its a bad situation.

    Personally, I don’t agree with Obama’s policies. Small businesses are really struggling in the US. The unemployment rate is rising because fewer companies can afford to hire new employees. Many of my friends have been laid off work, many area farmers are forced to sell their property, and many of my college students cannot find work at all. Anywhere.

    I am also a Christian and the current administration is stepping on the rights of religious groups across the nation. This has never happened in the US before. In my nation’s past people bled and died for religion free from government intervention. That is not something that should be altered.

    Putting my hope on any person or government will always lead to disappointment. So I am putting my hope, my future in God’s hands. He remains in control even when times are tough the world over.

    Don’t feel bad about bringing up controversial topics Mr. LGS. I think it takes guts to do it. And sometimes its healthy to talk about sensitive issues if it will encourage some serious soul searching and thinking. 🙂

  16. Sincerity,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes and the encouraging comment. I understand that the small businesses in the US are struggling. However, it seems to me that the economic climate that is causing this was brought about by the huge deficit and the subprime loan debacle – both brought about by Republican policies during President Bush’s term. I am less clear about what you said regarding the “stepping on the rights of religious groups” but I cannot understand the reluctance by many on Obama -care. In the rest of the world, we are amazed that so many in US do not have access to medical care due to monetary issues. Social welfare medicine is found elsewhere in the world and works quite well, even in Canada.

    But I suppose we have to agree to disagree on this. Still may the US enter a period of greater cooperation and less divisiveness.

  17. Man, how could I miss this!?

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, LGS – Gesundheit, Glück und Gottes Segen!

    You are a year ahead. This chart of the likes, attitudes is very interesting – your taste in art goes from Turner towards Wyeth, a realist, while I now and then allow meself to get lost in Turner’s colourful mists where objects are only guessable.

    Again, all the best for you, C! If I’d be living in the area I would have presented you with some strange German beer!

  18. Mago,
    I hope one day to share a beer with you. I still love Turner though but his paintings are mostly about objects and landscapes/seascapes and atmospheric. I like Andrew Wyeth’s more human subjects which seem brimming with their human stories.

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