For the Children, Teachers and Families of Newtown

I have been absent from this blog for awhile. This was partly to show my respect and my solidarity with the suffering community of Newtown as they mourn the loss of lives and innocence of so many young ones and those teachers who had sought to nurture and protect them. I wanted so much to do something, to show something on this blog which was similar to having a moment’s silence or having flag’s at half mast. But I could not think of anything so I left the blog silent.

However, I used the time to just do this short video in remembrance of those who suffered loss at Newtown. The video features the song, “Child of Mine” by Gretchen Peters which I think reflects the hopes, the fears and the love of parents for their children in a very gritty way. And with this video, I extend my prayers and best wishes for the healing of hearts and minds and for peace for all in Newtown.


11 thoughts on “For the Children, Teachers and Families of Newtown”

  1. You made me cry, again, with this, but my tears are nothing to the devastation the people of Newtown are feeling as they bury those sweet, innocent babies.

  2. SAW,
    I can think of nothing more unsettling or unbearable than the death of children. Yet we cannot do nothing. We must do what we can to stop it from happening again. In the meantime, there are lives in need of healing.

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