And Now For Something Completely Different

And now for something completely different and for the Realm of the Lone Grey Squirrel, almost nothing could be completely different than a hip-hop music video. Squirrels are indeed hip and we can hop from tree branch to tree branch but we do NOT hip-hop. We also do not do Gangnam Style but I digress.

So for the very first and probably last time on this blog, here is a hip-hop music video. But what made me choose to post this is because of its rather unusual topic and its use of a genuine video documentation of a scientific experiment from the 1962. Watch the video.

The video was originally done by a scientist to demonstrate a peculiar characteristic of owls in that their heads are able to rotate independently of their body. Apparently, unlike humans, owls have limited ability to move their eyes laterally. So when they focus on prey or on a spot, they need to keep the eyes looking straight at it. This can be difficult to achieve when they are flying unless the head can rotate of move independently of their bodies.

Anyway, whatever! As a squirrel, I find the owl’s stare creepy enough without it doing a Linda Blair-The Exorcist trick. Creeeeepy! But it is different. Squirrel out. Actually, Squirrel “freaked” out.

(if for any reason the video does not play properly, see it at Youtube .)


19 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different”

  1. Funny. I often have owls visit my yard and I like to watch them turn their heads all the way around. They can do a 360 swivel but they can rotate 360 side to side. And yes, enough hip hop for a while. Come over to my place Squirrel where there’s a video posted I believe you will enjoy.

  2. Tooo funny!!!!. What a great addition to my freaky weekend. 🙂 Have a good one Squirrel.

    And thanks for never posting gangam style. I was “over it” before it began.

  3. Owls are so cool! They always look like they’re just chilling. I bet they would totally win a staring contest. They can be intimidating but I really like the sound of their hoots. They remind me of the range on a cello: low and mellow… soothing.

  4. Molly,
    Haha. If you could swivel your head like that, I would be freaked out. I can’t tell you where I find this stuff ……suffice to say, we squirrels have eyes and cute ears everywhere.

  5. lol I was absolutely speechless at seeing this lol

    As a squirrel, I expect you enjoyed seeing this owl in other than a dignified situation!
    Coincidentally, in a few weeks time, I should have an Owl Posting of my own 🙂 as I plan to be visiting with some feathered hoots! I reconnected recently with a lady I had met years ago who does rehab work and will be putting on an educational presentation (sans the owl-rolling I am sure lol)

    Thanks always for coming by to see me! Kat

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