Another One Bites the Rug

Canada is a strange place, eh?  Its people seem to live in a different world than the rest of us; a world where people seem nicer, are more polite, have more mundane problems or create uniquely Canadian ones.  I have commented on this odd phenomena before in my post on “The Canadian Criminal Mind“.

And now, it seems, that while much of the world is waiting with bated breath to hear Lance Armstrong’s sensational interview with Oprah in which he is expected to admit to taking performance enhancing chemicals to help him win his cycling trophies, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has decided to prepare its sensitive viewers ahead of the anticipated bad news.  But Lance Armstrong has been such a hero and an inspiration to so many.  How to let them down gently?  Well, here’s how they do it in Canada……..



20 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Rug”

  1. It was the best of feel-good stories: beating cancer and winning all those races …. I had read accounts that put forth the idea that after the cancer had so ravaged the body and in its rebuilding, it turned out that an ideal cyclist’s body and conditioning was the result …… as if to say it was necessary to have gone through that near death experience for him to have been able to achieve those accomplishments …..
    what a sham and what a shame
    I have one of those original issues of the yellow bracelet …. my brother adores cycling and is an active rider and sometimes racer and has volunteered at the more high level events here in Georgia, so Lance items were always an appreciated gift I could give him (and Have as recently as last year – a book I came across).
    too bad
    he deserves no more attention
    to have been a cheat and then to have inflicted pain upon others to defend his lies….
    he is the antithesis of a hero

  2. Kat,
    I derive no joy from this whole incident. Even though I was no rabid fan of Lance Armstrong, I was happy to have someone like that being an inspirational role model for many. We get so few of these kind of heroes these days to celebrate. I feel sad for all of us – especially the young who have become more cynical from this whole episode.

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR starts tomorrow. Wanted to be first to give you good wishes. My sister Betty from Texas want o give her good wishes to.

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