Yay! Marshmallows!

I don’t watch TV obsessively but there have been a few television series that have grabbed my imagination.  For example, regular readers will know that I am a fan of series like Friends, X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly.  Friends was a very popular sitcom with a large mainstream fan base.  However, X-Files, Buffy and Firefly all had engendered a very cult like following amongst their fan base.  I think that this is because that they represented a very different and very fresh as well as powerful approach to story telling.  In all three, there was both episodic stories as well as larger story arcs spanning a season and even the whole series.  Their characters and heroes can be seen to develop substantially throughout the series and were not spared suffering or even loss; they were made to go through much suffering as consequences of the stands they make.

It is no coincidence that the mind behind two of them, Buffy and Firefly, was Joss Whedon who I feel is one of the best storytellers around today.  When Buffy the series came to an end after season 7, like many Whedon fans, I suffered withdrawal symptoms and desperately kept an eye out for new Joss Whedon projects.  But for awhile, there were none that could fill the void left by the end of Buffy.  Ironically, it was Whedon himself who directed me in the right direction when he himself sang praises of one new series, Veronica Mars by Rob Thomas.  I had a look and I was smitten with this petite powerhouse of a teenager struggling with growing up and making ends meet by doing some private investigation work..



However, like many Marshmallows, as the rabid fans of the series are called, I was crestfallen to learn that the series was not being extended beyond the 3rd season.  But a miracle has now happened.

Rob Thomas and series star, Kristin Bell, approached the executives and decision makers of Warner Brothers and managed to get their agreement to make  a Veronica Mars movie if they could prove that there was enough interest amongst the series fans.  The challenge was to raise at least USD 2 million within 30 days through a Kickstarter web campaign for donations. Well, the fans met the target in less than 10 hours into the internet campaign which is a new record for Kickstarter.  Wow! Impressive!

I look forward to the upcoming Veronica Mars Movie. Yay! Marshmallows.


10 thoughts on “Yay! Marshmallows!”

  1. Yeah, Joss Whedon is a great storyteller. I especially like the short-lived DOLLHOUSE series.

  2. Hello LGS, I am just dropping in – yes a long time since I was here the last time. And I can say nothing about these tv serials, I just have no tv set. What do you think about the new bishop of Rome?

  3. Mago,
    Hi. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much myself. As to the new Pope, it’s probably too early to tell but I like what I hear so far; “a poor church for the poor”. But he has a lot to do to restore the moral standing and testimony of the Roman Catholic church and he will need lots of prayers for wisdom and courage to tackle the problems within the church. Although I am not Catholic, I will be praying for his success.

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