In a new CBS opinion poll released yesterday, that the ground swelling of support in the USA for gun control following the shooting and killing of 20 children and 6 teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has dropped back to pre-incident levels;

“Currently, support for stricter gun control laws stands at 47 percent today, down from a high of 57 percent just after the shootings. Thirty-nine percent want those laws kept as they are, and another 11 percent want them made less strict. ” Partisans hold different views on gun control laws: 52 percent of Republicans want the laws kept as they are, while 66 percent of Democrats want stricter laws (down from 78 percent in February). Half of gun owners themselves want gun laws overall kept as they are, but a quarter call for stricter laws.”


America, most of the world just cannot understand why this is going on, why after all the outpouring of support for those touched by the tragedy at Newtown and all the outrage, nothing has changed.  The rest of the world sees a country whose infatuation with guns is being paid by the blood of their children.  Newtown is just one tragedy.  As many have pointed out, the tragedy continues in the streets of America’s cities like the case of 15 year old Hadiya Pendelton.  Just days after performing at the inauguration celebrations for President Obama, she ran into a shelter after school to avoid the rain and a gunman comes into the shelter and shot and killed her.  How many lights are being extinguished each year in the country that considers itself the best in the world?

I have read and listened to the debate on gun control.  However, the facts from around the world is clear – gun control saves lives and reduces loss of life.  Countries like Australia are good examples where gun control legislation has made a difference and have shown that it can be done.  Countries like Pakistan where guns are so readily available demonstrate the opposite result; its economic capital Karachi suffered more than 2,000 killed last year.

I realise that many Americans want to keep their firearms – for hunting, self protection or some other reason.  Charlton Heston, the influential Hollywood actor and well known former spokesperson for the NRA, once famously declared that gun control supporters would have to take his firearms away from his “cold dead hands.”  And I also recognise that many gun owners feel it is their right to bear arms.  But one person’s rights should not be promoted above and beyond the rights of others; like the right to go to school without fear.

Am I naive?  Will it hurt so much to give up assault rifles, magazines with more than 10 rounds of ammunition or armour piercing rounds?  Armour piercing rounds?  Why do you need that in a civilized society?  To hunt well equipped rabbits?  Would it really be too much to give those up?  For me, the sound of children laughing and playing without fear is worth any price.

The Arms Race:  Told You That Rabbits Are Dangerous! (Photo by LGS; shop display in Arrowtown, New Zealand)
The Arms Race: Told You That Rabbits Are Dangerous! (Photo by LGS; shop display in Arrowtown, New Zealand)


(Jim Carrey did a spoof on gun control on CBS.  Many found the video offensive and left many negative comments including personal attacks on the comedienne, calls for him to leave the USA, and even one comment that reminded him that those who have guns out number those that do not – so watch out.  Click HERE to see the video)




17 thoughts on “Shoot!”

  1. The reason is easy enough to figure out Calvin. The gun manufacturers and arms producers via the NRA (which spent 32 million in 2012) use fear to foment the wide proliferation of guns. They are the strongest lobbying group in DC and spend voraciously buying votes in both chambers. Americans will go to war now after Iraq’s invasion without even a clear reason or sense of aggression towards the nation because we fear the world is out to destroy us externally and we fear that there are so many criminals and thugs who are just waiting in the night to come in and rape, rob and murder us that we need a gun in every corner of every room as well as the one under the pillow.

    Fear is a great tool for moving masses and numbers, reality has nothing to do with it. Over 1500 people have died by gun violence since Sandy Hook elementary and what that incident sis was to spur arms sales even beyond the point they were at because we have a Black president”who is coming for our guns” even though the reality is he loosened gun control laws by making it legal to bring your handgun and open carry in national parks—but the fear is that he has secretly declared open season on White people.

    (6% of guns are held in the hands of white suburban dwellers who are afraid that the urban vermin are out for them. Why? Because Colt, Remington and the rest need to sell more weapons of mass destruction. You do know that america supplies 93% of the world with weapons right? Multi billion dollar business at home and abroad.

    Background checks? 97% want thorough background checks but the NRA who pays the bills does not so, ever in need of campaign money most legislators will vote against their constituents because the constituents en masse can not equal one NRA contribution.

    Listen to our National anthem Calvin, it is the only one in the word that I know of that glorifies war. Look at the rulings over decades of the Supreme Court on the 2nd amendment to the constitution, though they can not change the wording they have, through decisions gutted the intent of it.

    And so we have come to the age where we have more legally owned guns than we do have population, normal people get brave with a gun in their hand and just in general do stupid things with them. show them, caress them love the feel of them and know they can deliver death at their whim. It is an emboldening thing except they ignore the statistics that more handgun owners are shot by their own weapons in a robbery. They practice and practice until they can kill a paper target but when the danger comes they freeze or go insane.

    Last week a 74 year old grandmother in MI was convicted of murdering her grandson. He and she had an argument over a failed drug test, she shot him once, he went to the washroom to check the wound and when he came out, instead of running to a neighbor or calling 911 she capped him 5 more times. They are trying to convince ME that a more armed society is a safer society but statistically speaking the more weapons available in any culture the more death that culture experiences.

    I won’t bullshit you, I own two shotguns, a 16 and a 12. I will kill with them if I can not subdue or intimidate an intruder. But then I have taken every precaution to not allow an intruder in. A 70 pound Rottweiler/Pit Bull being the first line of defense. But I do not cling to my guns, I do not play with them or clean and oil them to shiny godhood. I have lived in the on aggregate the most violent American city my entire life, I have faced guns and walked away, unrobbd and intact, every time but there has been a sea change in American youth that is a direct result of our lack of gun control.

    Teenagers today will pull the trigger because to them they are not just looking to rob but to get peer respect and odd as it is, most guns used in street crimes are legally owned by a family member who did not control it.

    There is no answer until we get saturation overload and what cost $700 to purchase only brings $50 on the resale market. Until then we will continue to be free of everything but debt and fear.

  2. I take most opinion polls like this with a grain of salt, simply because of the organization in question. A lot of media outlets are pro gun control and thus when they conduct polls, they ask/word the questions in such a way that the end result is skewered towards what they want, which is gun control.

    Of course, if they started asking about the mental health issue that is part and parcel of these shootings, then I might start paying attention.

  3. Banning assault rifles, mega-magazines, etc. is a no brainer but they are going to survive because a whole lot of people are afraid that next the government will be coming for their squirrel guns. Of course, I suspect that would be quite alright with you squirrels.

  4. Mark,
    I think that you are probably right. Still it is amazing that so many can be taken in by that propagation of fear and that legislators are so much under the influence of big money. Whatever, the cause, the current “gun culture” is not a good thing – and action is needed and long past due.

  5. Riot Kitty,
    Is this democracy ? Is this the government of the people, by the people and for the people? Or is this capitalism – the government of big business, by the lobbyists and for the profit line? I am sad.

  6. G.B.,
    Opinion polls not withstanding, it doesn’t seem that the stricter gun control laws will be passed by the Senate or the House of Representatives. Sure, the mental Health issue is something that needs attention too but both requires action and not just action on mental health issues without stricter gun control.

  7. II can’t really add to what everyone else is saying – we need stricter gun control and most people I know are in favor of that, but the gun lobby is a powerful force and the far right does an astounding job of convincing people that it’s a short step from banning assault weapons to losing every freedom we have. It’s insane.

  8. I have no clue why they love their guns. Here we live without these stupid things and it works.

    A bit late – aber von Herzen: Frohe Ostern, LGS!

  9. Secret Agent,
    It is insane and it does seem to me to reveal something about man’s natural tendencies towards self centered-ness. The bible would call it man’s sinful nature.

  10. evilsquirrel13,
    I have long believed that we should round up most politicians and send them to the moon or somewhere where they would cause less problems for the rest of us. However, I am inclined to agree with you that we should declare hunting season on special interest lobbyists and cull back these vermin.

  11. Mago,
    Here too we have tight gun control. Occasionally, someone with a legal gun license will still do something stupid but overall, we don’t have much gun related violence. I am glad for that.

    Blessed Easter. May you experience and enjoy God’s love.

  12. Durfeem touched on the heart of this matter when he mentioned the National Anthem. As long as war and all its violence is glorified then so too does violence appear in daily life. In this great age of technology where most of the youth and many adults spend hours attached to modern devices, watching violent movies and playing violent games is it any wonder they lose touch with reality and forget the meaning of compassion, love and humility. The problem goes far deeper than gun lobbyists or political maneuvering – it lies in the lost respect of one human for another.

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