Shootout : Gun Control Legislation Out-Gunned in Senate

Just under a month ago, I posted about the proposed gun control legislation being proposed in the USA  (Shoot) and how support for it has dwindled from a peak after the Newtown massacre.  Many were predicting that it would not be passed by the Congress and indeed a bill to expand background checks to gun shows and online sales has failed to even pass through the Senate. President Obama was furious with the Senate for not following the wishes of 90% of Americans who supported such minimal and common sense measures.  Yet the latest poll released yesterday indicated that only 47% of respondents indicated that they were angry or disappointed with the Senate.

And so I repeat what I asked in my former post;

“Am I naive?  Will it hurt so much to give up assault rifles, magazines with more than 10 rounds of ammunition or armour piercing rounds?  Armour piercing rounds?  Why do you need that in a civilized society?  To hunt well equipped rabbits?  Would it really be too much to give those up?  For me, the sound of children laughing and playing without fear is worth any price.”

At that time, I received a comment from Mark, The Walking Man.  He lives pretty much on the frontlines of the debate in the gun infested streets of Detroit and is therefore in a good position to answer my confusion.   This is his reply;

“The reason is easy enough to figure out LGS. The gun manufacturers and arms producers via the NRA (which spent 32 million in 2012) use fear to foment the wide proliferation of guns. They are the strongest lobbying group in DC and spend voraciously buying votes in both chambers. Americans will go to war now after Iraq’s invasion without even a clear reason or sense of aggression towards the nation because we fear the world is out to destroy us externally and we fear that there are so many criminals and thugs who are just waiting in the night to come in and rape, rob and murder us that we need a gun in every corner of every room as well as the one under the pillow.

Fear is a great tool for moving masses and numbers, reality has nothing to do with it. Over 1500 people have died by gun violence since Sandy Hook elementary and what that incident sis was to spur arms sales even beyond the point they were at because we have a Black president”who is coming for our guns” even though the reality is he loosened gun control laws by making it legal to bring your handgun and open carry in national parks—but the fear is that he has secretly declared open season on White people.

(6% of guns are held in the hands of white suburban dwellers who are afraid that the urban vermin are out for them. Why? Because Colt, Remington and the rest need to sell more weapons of mass destruction. You do know that america supplies 93% of the world with weapons right? Multi billion dollar business at home and abroad.

Background checks? 97% want thorough background checks but the NRA who pays the bills does not so, ever in need of campaign money most legislators will vote against their constituents because the constituents en masse can not equal one NRA contribution.

Listen to our National anthem Calvin, it is the only one in the word that I know of that glorifies war. Look at the rulings over decades of the Supreme Court on the 2nd amendment to the constitution, though they can not change the wording they have, through decisions gutted the intent of it.

And so we have come to the age where we have more legally owned guns than we do have population, normal people get brave with a gun in their hand and just in general do stupid things with them. show them, caress them love the feel of them and know they can deliver death at their whim. It is an emboldening thing except they ignore the statistics that more handgun owners are shot by their own weapons in a robbery. They practice and practice until they can kill a paper target but when the danger comes they freeze or go insane.

Last week a 74 year old grandmother in MI was convicted of murdering her grandson. He and she had an argument over a failed drug test, she shot him once, he went to the washroom to check the wound and when he came out, instead of running to a neighbor or calling 911 she capped him 5 more times. They are trying to convince ME that a more armed society is a safer society but statistically speaking the more weapons available in any culture the more death that culture experiences.

I won’t bullshit you, I own two shotguns, a 16 and a 12. I will kill with them if I can not subdue or intimidate an intruder. But then I have taken every precaution to not allow an intruder in. A 70 pound Rottweiler/Pit Bull being the first line of defense. But I do not cling to my guns, I do not play with them or clean and oil them to shiny godhood. I have lived in the on aggregate the most violent American city my entire life, I have faced guns and walked away, unrobbd and intact, every time but there has been a sea change in American youth that is a direct result of our lack of gun control.

Teenagers today will pull the trigger because to them they are not just looking to rob but to get peer respect and odd as it is, most guns used in street crimes are legally owned by a family member who did not control it.

There is no answer until we get saturation overload and what cost $700 to purchase only brings $50 on the resale market. Until then we will continue to be free of everything but debt and fear.”


15 thoughts on “Shootout : Gun Control Legislation Out-Gunned in Senate”

  1. 93% of them who voted against stopping the filibuster on the debate for stronger background checks received money from the NRA. No one blames the government anymore, sadly all but a very small minority know and accept that money controls the government.

    by the by this “(6% of guns are held in the hands of white suburban dwellers” should read 96%…

    Besides 20 dead children and 6 dead hero adults who died trying to protect them are only page 6 news now. We have been moved on but *shrug* with 30,000 death by guns nationwide year over year I think you have a mistakenly used the word civilized when it comes to American society. We breed violence in our core cities and at any given time in America we have a minimum of 50 serial killers at work…twice as many as any other nation on earth.

    On the day of the Boston attack we too had four murders in Detroit, only they were spread across the city and hell they didn’t even make the front page. You had to go to the third section called local news to even know. But truthfully most Americans do not care as long as it is black on black violence. Our culture is still holding on to the slave and master mentality of 250 years ago. If cheap is good, then life in America is wonderful.

  2. “Will it hurt so much to give up assault rifles, magazines with more than 10 rounds of ammunition or armour piercing rounds? Armour piercing rounds? Why do you need that in a civilized society?”

    Federal law covering “armor piercing ammo” dates back to 1986. Secondly none of the semi-automatic rifles being called “assault rifles” are real assault rifles. My son in the Marine Corps uses an M16, a real assault rifle. We used real assault rifles in Vietnam. My Colt AR-15 is not an assault rifle.

    As to those semi-automatic rifles, an AR-15 carbine with a 30 round magazine is possibly one of the best weapons you could own for home defense. Also one of the safest. I fully defend both of those statements here:

    Who Needs An Assault Rifle?

    “Background checks? 97% want thorough background checks…”

    You would think that supposedly rational people could figure out these numbers are hyped propaganda. I think we could probably agree on one thing. The vast majority of politicians care about one thing more than anything else – getting re-elected. That means they are seriously concerned with knowing what their constituents are for, and against. If they voted against this legislation you can damn well be sure most did so because they had a inkling of what the voters really support.

    If 90% or more Americans really wanted them then a law mandating anal rectal exams before buying a gun would be law before the sun rose tomorrow. You know that, if you just stop and think a minute.

    “They are trying to convince ME that a more armed society is a safer society but statistically speaking the more weapons available in any culture the more death that culture experiences.”

    The real cause of the majority of the violence in the country is over illegal drugs. Drug dealers and gang bangers account for most of the homicides in this country.

    I carry a loaded and concealed handgun in public, legally by permit. If there were more people doing that this country would be safer.


  3. Mark,
    Thanks again for your comments and thoughts. I know you speak with passion for your city and your country and that what you see and speak of is painful to you. But it matters that you still care and continue to stand with others against the tide of darkness on the streets.

  4. lwk,
    Thanks for your comment. I confess that I have no guns and personally have no need for them. I live in a country with relatively tight gun control. Our rate of murder per capita is about a third that of the USA, while the rate of murder by guns is just 5% that of the USA (we do find other ways to kill) but it means for the most part we do not have mass murders with semi-automatic guns blazing. The phrase “running amok” which refers to a spree of violence by an unbalanced person actually originates in Malaysia. We seem to have more than a fair share of those and yet, armed with a machete or parang and not a gun, the madman is seldom able to kill more than a couple of people.

    I don’t think that banning guns is the answer but keeping guns out of the hands of those with known mental problems or criminal records surely makes sense. Why oppose the need for the extension of background checks to close the loopholes in the law? If we are willing to submit to security checks and the ban of weapons aboard a plane for reasons of communal security despite the inconvenience, why not just a little of that precaution for the safety of our streets?

  5. Riot Kitty,
    I am sad that you even need to have metal detectors in some of your schools. Of course guns are just part of the problem of violence but it is a very important part of that problem. And dealing with guns can save many lives. I too cannot fathom where money is speaking louder than the lives of our children. That is a sick society.

  6. I wish people who decide to quote the sad statistics in the Sandy Hook School shooting correct. All people ever do is ape the media, who seems to be hell bent on making the 27th victim, the shooter’s mother, an asterisk.

    So for those of you who like to quote Sandy Hook, the tally is as follows: 21 adults and 6 children.

    The rest of the points that everyone sans Mark (aka The Walking Man) has made, agree with. Mark seems to have a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to gun control.

  7. Whoops, that first sentence should be “I wish people who decide to quote the sad statistics in the Sandy Hook School shooting quote them correctly.”

  8. G.B.,
    Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your comment on the fact that there were 27 victims in the Sandy Hook school shooting. There is no reason to question if the shooter’s mother is a victim……she was. Having followed Mark’s posts for awhile and seeing some posts from others from Detroit, I think the problems of widespread availability of guns is particularly real and experienced almost daily there and his views are due to that experience. I should point out that Mark also believes in guns for self defence but he also believes in keeping guns out of the hands of idiots, criminals and the mentally unstable.

  9. It ain’t over ’til it’s over Squirrel. Those people who voted against the legislation are taking big hits in the polls. Odds are that several of them will lose their jobs over it. We can only hope.

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