Nuts to Nuts!

It is a common misconception that elephants will work for peanuts or that squirrels will work for nuts.  While that might have been true during a simpler bygone age, the world has changed.  The impact of rampant inflation (which for elephants is particularly large and rampaging and for squirrels means that buried nuts shrivel in value) as well as the modern culture of capitalism and consumerism means that ” enough is enough” or more accurately, “what we have been getting is no longer enough!” Nuts to Nuts!

We, humble, honest, industrious, working-class squirrels will no longer accept mere bland and tasteless blanched peanuts while the privileged upper-classes dine on Macadamia Nut Gateau with Coffee-Praline icing.

It’s all about fairness and equality. Why must there be the rich and the poor and why must the gap between the two continue to widen?  No! It must end!  As all good Socialist Squirrels know, just as greed is the root of all evil, inequality and injustice is the cause of all strife.  For this world to have peace, there must be equality and justice for all peoples.  One way is to reduce or even eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor.  Preferably, we could work to raise the poor to the same level of the rich.  That would be ideal.  In reality though, it would probably be easier to reduce the rich to the level of the poor!

But seriously, this is not just the rantings of a rabid, capitalist turned socialist, squirrel who failed in his dream to be a gazillionaire by the age of 21.  As a certified mad scientist, I offer scientific evidence for the link between inequality and strife.  Behold, the excerpt below from a TED presentation by Frans de Waal, a primatologist from Emery University. The evidence is compelling.


16 thoughts on “Nuts to Nuts!”

  1. Terrific posting! … I had to post it on mine too! TY. You made me laugh and that is better than cucumbers or grapes!

  2. Here’s a thought! – perhaps the Cucumber Capuchin thought he should ‘do something extra’ so that he too would get the grape and that is why he pressed the rock to the wall first before handing it over ….? and if he did, surely it was even more upsetting to him to then be stiffed! …. again!

  3. My solution is to not spend. do not feed the machine of profit. I pay my utilities own my own home so I pay taxes. Beyond that I haven’t had cash in my pocket in over a month now. Food, shelter and clothing for when the shelter gets cold. No stocks, bonds or investments. If a handshake and a good wish isn’t a good enough gift oops my bad.

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