NUKWIDLS: The Squirrel Who Went Up a Hill And Came Down Exhausted

Yes!  Here is the second installment post of the series entitled “NUKWIDLS” or “Now U Know What I Did Last Summer”.

Umm….that would be the summer 0f 2013.  Yes I know this is now the 10th day into 2014.  I have always been a bit behind the curve.  Anyway, do you want to know what I did last summer or not?

Well, one of the significant things I did last summer was to let some manic friends talk me into waking up at unearthly hours before the sun rises and then hiking up hills ………….apparently just for the “fun” of it.  The same friends readily join in on all of my own hare-brained schemes so I felt guilty saying “no” to their hare-brained hobby.

And so for the last 5 months I have been going hill walking with them in a small nature reserve within the city.  I won’t lie; it has been more than a decade since I did any serious hiking on a regular basis and there have been many nuts consumed since then.  So, I did not find it easy.

The Trails

The nature reserve has a number of hiking trails criss-crossing a series of small hills.  Typically, we hike for about 3 hours covering between 8-10 km.

The place is really family oriented with the trails given names such adorable names like “The Mother of All Hills”.   I have to say that “Mother” isn’t as gentle and nurturing  as you might think mothers ought to be.  “Mother” is about 120 m high with an average gradient of about 60 degrees. “Father” is higher and longer but gentler with only one short section near the top that is at about 70 degrees.

The foot of Mother
The foot of Mother

But this hill is but a molehill compared to some of the other hills that my masochistic friends climb.  There are a few of them that require up to a 6-10 hour hike.  So I admit, I am still on the beginners’ slopes.

The Speed

I almost always finish last (unless some fresh meat had joined our little sweaty band).  I am slow on the uphill sections, the flat sections and the downhill sections………I am all round slow.  If we were to imagine a scale of hiking speed, and the slowest was represented by an amphibian coming out of the primordial seas and learning to walk on land, then the fastest member of my group would be represented by the Starship Enterprise exceeding Warp 5 and I would be represented by an extra slow snail.   We even have a dog that’s a better hiker than me.

Snoopy -the dog beats most of us to the top
Snoopy -the dog beats most of us to the top

But I am thankful in the end cause this all must be good for my health ………right?  At least that’s what they tell me …… all those twisted ankles, popping knees, cramps, cuts and insect bites  are good for me.

In fact, I just went on one of these hikes this morning which I will try to briefly summarize below:

“pant…..pant…….wheeze…….cough…….sweating buckets…….pant…..pant…..ouch……aarrgh……..wheeze……”



15 thoughts on “NUKWIDLS: The Squirrel Who Went Up a Hill And Came Down Exhausted”

  1. Oh dear … watch your heartbeat. Naturally it goes up, but the healthy heart has it come down pretty fast after the struggle. Walking up and down a hill here helped me a lot after my tiny heart attack.

  2. Looks like an amazing trail/hike! Would love to try that… I’ve done something similar in Hawaii (1,000 steps to climb Diamond Head in Waikiki), the heat and steps are killers for sure!

  3. Snoopy is adorable!
    Masochistic is right. Not just your friends, YOU! Nature is not meant to be approached in this matter, I tell you. I just let it win.

  4. Riot Kitty,
    I don’t disagree with you at all but they hound me with SMS’es at all hours of the day until I agree to join them.
    As for Snoopy… adorable as he is, it is not always fun having him in front of you on the trail as he marks his territory by piddling all over the place. 😉

  5. Secret Agent,
    I know you like hiking and in your posts, you often show us some of the beautiful trails you have near you. The mosquitoes aren’t that bad. Not really that many in good quality forest. But the humidity can really be sapping.

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