Adapting to Living in the New Artic

I understand that our friends in North America are currently facing a second major snow storm of the winter brought about by an extreme weather formation called the polar vortex which in turn is probably an impact of climate change.

Let’s face the truth.  Climate change is already here.  It’s too late to try to avert it; now we can only look into adapting to climate change.  Us squirrels are already learning how to find our buried nuts under several feet of snow (we are experimenting with adapting avalanche beacon activity).

I know that all that endless arctic snow and cold can be a real emotional and mental strain.   So as a service to all polar vortexed readers, the Lone Grey Squirrel has scoured the icy wastelands of the world for ways to adapt to this aspect of climate change.

And we found the answer in Irkutsk, Siberia.  Ah, Irkutsk, Irkutsk.  I know it so well. (It is one of the territories on the board game Risk).


Anyway, the only way to adapt to the drudgery of cabin fever and the bitter cold is to learn to love the icy weather.  Have fun with it.  If life gives you lemons, make lemonades.  If climate change gives you ice as far as the eyes can see, then do as Ethnobeat, a group from Irkutsk, has done – make ice music!

Let’s face it.  Much of North America is going to look a lot like Siberia from now on.

Here is Ethnobeat playing on and with frozen Lake Baikal.






14 thoughts on “Adapting to Living in the New Artic”

  1. Well I am living in the Midwest and I just stay inside my house. Now they say there is a shortage of propane that I and many more in this area use to heat their homes. Talking about setting up warming centers. Never a dull minute in this world.

  2. *shrug* WE reap what we sow. This, if i am not mistaken was first graphed out at MIT in 1956. My furnace still has not been turned up past 61(f), my dogs have arctic clothes ans i am constantly in pain anyway so what’s a little cold?

  3. Happy and Blessed New Year for you and yours. It is still cold and I am waiting for propane. Heat is turned down so I don’t run out. Could use a fire breathing dragon dance around my place right about now. But really have a great year with many blessing for you and yours.

  4. Joyce,
    Blessed New Year to you too. Hope you will get either the fire breathing dragon or at least your regular boring propane. Try Szechuan peppercorn for a heat that comes from the inside!

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