Bloody Rose Red

So how was your Valentine’s Day?  Was it romantic?  Did it make your wallet substantially lighter?

A female friend sent a text message to my wife and asked what we were doing for that special day.  My wife replied that while I might have once upon a time, some 20 years ago, planned some exciting dinner and surprise, she would be surprised if I remembered and if I did remember, she would be surprised if I planned anything.  When asked what her plans were for the night, the friend replied that they would just be having some home cooked rice porridge.

I guess after that, the two ladies let out a collective sigh.  Now as it turned out, I later went out for dinner with my wife AND my mother-in-law.  Now, dear readers, isn’t that love?

Despite going out rather late, we found every restaurant and dessert place jammed packed with suckers romantic lovers.  We chose one of the few rare places that did not jack up the menu prices.

While waiting for the food to arrive, I made a few observations. 

Firstly, just outside the restaurant were some unscrupulous capitalistic opportunists Cupid’s helpers selling little teddy bears hugging hearts and flowers (both single stem roses as well as elaborate bouquets).   I had a look at the prices and gagged.

A rose that would normally about cost USD 1-2 was now selling for USD 7.  Or perhaps the 10 stalks of roses and teddy bear combo would be more appealing ……. at only USD 110!!!

I actually saw a guy buy one of those for his girlfriend and she carried it in when they sat at the table next to us.  But the funny thing was that after that, the two of them spent the evening looking at their mobile phones.  One can only hope they were romantically tweeting each other.

Later as we were walking home, we came across a scene of utter destruction.  It was a massacre of red petals everywhere!  It would appear that someone (presumably female) had pummeled someone  else (presumably ex-boyfriend) with the USD 110/- bouquet.   Care to venture a guess as to  what foolish remark got him the rose acupuncture treatment?

I am so glad I am in a long term, steady and fulfilling relationship and not on the dating scene anymore.  I’d hate to get those rose thorns under my skin.


8 thoughts on “Bloody Rose Red”

  1. we don’t do anything for valentine’s day. although, not intentional, we did get married really closely to this time of year. 🙂 John spending time with me is the most important thing for me.

  2. My hubby hates Valentine’s Day. He hates the pressure and i don’t know what all. I don’t mind, tho i probably might have when i was much younger. I learned a long time ago not to pressure for such treats.

    And, like you, i’m so thankful to be in a relationship that doesn’t require things like this to “prove” love. 🙂

  3. Kateekat,
    Treats are great but don’t limit it to just one arbitrary business promoted day. Love is worth celebrating but I think its the small but consistent thoughtful deeds each day that really matter. I like your squirrel avatar btw. Why it looks a lot like me?!?!!

  4. This post totally made me laugh! I’m with you. I think Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark racket. We go out on Feb. 13 in protest. Much easier to get a table, too 🙂

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