Prank it forward: – Best Shift Ever

Following up on my April 1st post about pranks, I now present a wonderful prank. I want to thank my friend, Nancy Foisy, for clueing me in about this video. In it, we see a very deserving waitress, Chelsea Roff (she raised her younger sister alone from a very young age, overcame an eating disorder and provides free yoga lessons as a means to help others with eating disorders), get the best shift ever. It really opened this ol’ cynical squirrel’s eyes to how positive pranks can be if we just use our imagination. Here is to positive pranks.

Also, for every 1000 views of this video, the producers of the show, Break, will donate 1 USD to charity.


8 thoughts on “Prank it forward: – Best Shift Ever”

  1. Hi Calvin…thought I would creep back into blogland again 🙂 Gosh you have a great site here! Will be back to check out again. Loved the video…gives one faith in human beings again.

  2. Secret Agent,
    I have to say that I do like a good prank but I am glad someone is doing these types of positive pranks instead of some of the really dumb and unkind pranks that seem to be getting a lot of air time nowadays.

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